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Antifa Shows Up to Minneapolis Riots, Things Immediately Get Even Worse

By Brandon Morse

The idea that is Antifa is apparently arriving in the Minneapolis area and, as we all know, they aren’t there to peacefully protest. The group is known for destroying property from cars to businesses, and resorting to violence against anyone they believe to be against them.

Their presence was enough that Fox News reporter Mike Tobin was forced to take cover in the safety of a vehicle as police and Antifa began clashing.

According to Fox News, the far-left activist group known for its violence have shown up in droves, forcing one Fox News reporter to relocate to a different part of town and give an update to the Ingraham Angle from inside the vehicle:

Tobin, who was relocating to another part of the town at the time, spoke to Ingraham from inside a vehicle. “I can tell you this. The makeup of the population out here certainly changed tonight. I think Sunday night it was all about the locals that were here: They were genuine and angry,” he said. “As it goes on, you get more people coming in from out of town. I had several people that I spoke with who identified themselves as Antifa — and angrily so. So you had that crowd out here.” “We saw an increased number of kids ‘wearing the uniform’ if you will, the black hoodies, the backpacks. I saw leaf-blowers out there, different kinds of … makeshift shields and things. It was changing dramatically in terms of the makeup, and certainly the numbers of the crowd.”

Ingraham noted that both the mayor of Minneapolis and the mayor of St. Paul said they wouldn’t tolerate looting and destruction, but Tobin saw on the ground that it was still very much happening according to Fox News:

“Yeah, they say they won’t tolerate looting and violence but there’s still looting and violence,” Tobin replied. “Then you had the [Brooklyn Center] Mayor Mike Elliott suggest, as you noted, that if there was a curfew and it to be enforced — it sounded like what he was saying you’re drawing a line in the sand — and that it gives them something to defy and it creates a dynamic, he said, an excuse for more arrests.” “In terms of gearing up for mass arrests, that’s what riot cops always do. Any time you see riot cops, you see the zip-strips with them.”

Antifa sells itself as a group (but not a group because they don’t exist, though they clearly do) that is there to combat fascism, yet they themselves are the most fascist group in America. Their primary goal is the destruction of the American capitalist system and the implementation of socialism or communism. To achieve this, they will use any means necessary, and at this time, it seems their primary tool is escalation within a city.

If they can get the police making mistakes, it makes them look bad. They can generate public sympathy for the “oppressed” and generate anger toward police. This can then be used as a condemnation of our system.

However, the real villains here are Antifa and the hard left, who destroy the lives of innocents as they point the finger at everyone else. The media is only too happy to carry their hard-left narrative which, for those with passing attention spans, are tricked into believing that Antifa is fighting the good fight.

It’s becoming harder and harder to hide the fact that Antifa are the villains in this situation, and they’re villains endorsed and backed by the institutional left.

Author: Brandon Morse

Source: RedState: Reporter Has to Take Shelter in Vehicle While Reporting on Antifa Arriving in Minneapolis

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