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Antifa Terrorist Who Threw Bomb at Federal Agents Gets Accidentally Identified by His Grandma

On Monday evening, a radical-left Antifa terrorist in Portland threw a bomb at the federal courthouse.

The attack came after left-wing rioters have spent the last 60 days rioting in the city of Portland.


After the incident, the bomber was later identified by his grandmother who bragged online that she had bought her grandson the vest for him that he used on the streets of Portland.

Here he is with a naked protester below:

The grandmother posted a review of the vest online which was caught by internet users at 4Chan.

"I got this for my grandson who's a protestor downtown, he uses it every night and says its does the job," she wrote about the vest at She even attached an image of him with the vest on.

Portland has turned into total chaos as radical left-wingers have completely taken over the city. Last week, liberal Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler joined the rioters in his city for a "listening session" however things turned bad the moment he arrived as radical-left demonstrators mobbed him, calling him a "fascist."

Wheeler has spent the last several weeks praising and defending the dangerous rioters as federal law enforcement has stepped in to end the rioting and destruction of federal property. Ironically, the left-wing rioters didn't seem to care that he had defended them in the past.

Check out what Fox News reported:

Wheeler, who for weeks has been backing the protests against efforts by federal law enforcement to stop rioting near federal property, joined protesters at fencing near the Hatfield Courthouse and tried to conduct a “listening session” -- and was even hit by tear gas deployed by federal agents. However, while some protesters were receptive to his presence, many others heckled and booed him, objecting to his refusal to back some of their demands such as abolishing the police, and for the Portland Police’s (for which he is a commissioner) use of tear gas and other methods to shut down riots.

“F--- Ted Wheeler,” yelled one protester. “He doesn’t get to speak, he’s a f---ing fascist. F--- Ted Wheeler.”

Later on, a chaotic crowd swarmed him, calling him a “f---ing a--hole” while other shouted, “Tear gas Ted has got to go.”

After he refused to abolish the police force, the angry crowd got riled up and even threatened to visit his home. "F-ck you," "get the f-ck out" they yelled, adding, "your house next."

WATCH Wheeler get mobbed below:

WATCH Wheeler getting tear gassed below:

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Author: CollinRugg


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