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AOC Freaks out Over Being Trolled in Public Days After Defending Harassment of Justice Kavanaugh

Has any politician ever encapsulated the “rules for thee but not for me” mindset more than Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? For my money, she’s truly the GOAT. No one manages to mix hypocrisy with faux indignation quite as she does, and the fact that she has an army of simps defending her makes it all the more laughable.

The latest example happened on Wednesday, after a comedian approached AOC on the Capitol steps, making jokes about her being his “favorite big booty Latina” and calling her “sexy.” She responded in the video by posing and giving him a peace sign, seeming to enjoy the attention.

Apparently, after the fact, someone on her staff let her know the comedian was an “extremist,” though. That led to a quick change in tone as AOC took to social media to let it be known that this kind of public harassment is awful and should not be allowed.

The sheer amount of cringe is just a sight to behold. AOC comes from a well-off family. She attended Yorktown High School, which resides in a New York suburb that is 90 percent white. She then went to Boston University. This thing she does where she tries to make it seem as if she’s straight off the streets of Queens is just hilarious. And I’m pretty sure she wasn’t headed over to “deck him” given she posed and gave the peace sign. AOC will say anything to get her fans riled up, though, and they are always happy to oblige.

I actually didn’t see the original tweet she deleted, but I’m seeing replies saying she lied about what the comedian said, moving to cover her tracks once he posted the video. Regardless, it is a little weird that a congresswoman is threatening physical violence against people saying things to her in a public setting. That’s especially true given he’s obviously trolling her to get the specific reaction she gave him online.

That leads me to the biggest problem in all this. Just days ago, AOC mocked the public harassment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh that ran him out of a DC restaurant.

To summarize, it’s totally cool for protesters to harass a Supreme Court justice in public, causing him to have to escape out the backdoor of a restaurant. That’s just democracy in action, and AOC is all for that. In fact, she’s so for it that she’ll make fun of anyone who complains about it. But if a comedian makes jokes about her on the Capitol steps, she wants law enforcement to arrest the guy while she becomes enraged at the fact that that type of public protest is even allowed.

Did you get all that?

Here’s the thing. This is a monster the left, including AOC, created. They normalized public harassment of officials because they felt it would help them politically. This didn’t begin with Justice Kavanaugh last week. You can go back years and find instances where the left whole-heartedly supported the harassment of senators like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Apparently, AOC thought she could promote something but not become a victim of it. She’s learning she thought wrong.

Author: Bonchie


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