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As Biden's Broken Promises Mount, So Does His Disapproval Rating

The shine is starting to wear off of the fancy new president the Democrats elected as more and more Americans get buyer’s remorse about Joe Biden.

According to Fox News, a new Monmouth poll shows that Biden’s disapproval rating is rising steadily, rising just a few points after just a handful of weeks:

Biden holds a 51% approval rating in a Monmouth University survey released on Wednesday. That’s down slightly from the 54% of Americans who gave the new president a thumbs-up in late January, days after his inauguration. More noticeable is rise in Biden’s disapproval rating – from 30% in late January to 42% now. The rise comes as more people form an opinion of Biden – with those saying they had “no opinion” of the president plunging from 16% soon after his inauguration to 8% now. “It’s probably not a surprise that Biden’s honeymoon period has closed quickly,” Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray highlighted. But Murray noted that the president maintains a net positive rating in the new poll, which was conducted Feb. 25–March 1.

The poll indicates that Democrats still have nothing but love for Biden, staying in the 90 percent range. Unsurprisingly, Republicans disapprove of Biden in the 80th percentile, jumping 10 whole points in just a month.

But it’s not either of those parties that signal problems for Biden. It’s the drop in the independent vote. Forty-eight percent disapprove of Biden while 43 percent approve. This is a total switch as, in January, Biden was at 47 percent approval and only 30 percent disapproval. This number alone doesn’t spell anything good for Biden, because if the independents are that willing to turn on Biden, it won’t be long till the Democrat party starts to follow as well.

So why is this drop happening?

It’s pretty easy to see that Biden’s moves have been one blunder after another. Day one saw him kill off thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen with nowhere for the workers to land. He had promised to get Americans stimulus checks the moment he was in office and that definitely didn’t happen, but he did manage to bomb Syria. Other promises such as H.R. 1, a $15 minimum wage, and more are effectively going unfulfilled with no indication of when these things will happen.

It’s likely that Biden’s approval will continue to fall as his promises stagnate and rot, making Americans feel more and more disgruntled and more and more willing to vote against the Democrats during the midterms.

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