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As Faux Outrage Flows, Ron DeSantis Once Again Nails It

If you are smart, you are staying away from traditional news sources today, but rest assured, the faux outrage is flowing like milk and honey over January 6th. The president gave his ridiculous speech this morning (early enough so they could make sure he was sentient) and more insane, insulting proclamations have been made than one can reasonably keep up with.

But honestly, none of it is worth covering here. If you’ve heard one deranged rant from a Democrat politician or cable news analyst about January 6th over the last year, you’ve heard them all. It’s always the same misleading, opportunist garbage, with it being once again repackaged day as extra-super-serious because it’s the “anniversary.”

Yet, in the midst of a thousand bad takes today, one good one has gone forth that is actually worth covering. It’ll surprise no one that it came from Ron DeSantis. A reporter asked him about his thoughts on January 6th, and he just unleashed in a way most Republicans refuse to.

Truly, this man gets it.

I’ll spare you the hysterical reactions from members of the media to what DeSantis said because again, if you’ve heard one rant from someone obsessed with January 6th, you’ve heard them all. But I think it’s important to praise Republicans when they get it right, and DeSantis nailed it, pulled the nail out, and then hammered again it back in again. In short, this is a January 6th response worth covering.

DeSantis starts by just eviscerating the double standard that is applied when it comes to January 6th and the Congressional baseball shooting perpetrated by a Bernie Sanders supporter. In the former, no members of Congress were ever actually harmed or even ended up in harm’s way. In the latter, a GOP House member was gravely wounded and nearly murdered while others barely escaped with their lives.

Yet, as DeSantis says, that was a two-day story while a constant stream of absolute mouth-breathing over January 6th remains for purely political reasons. The governor also hit those who are making completely obscene comparisons of January 6th to 9/11, the Holocaust, and Pearl Harbor. Hilariously, he even used the phrase “Charlie Foxtrot” to describe today’s events, which gave the vapors to more than a few reporters online.

DeSantis didn’t stop there, though. He went there on the possible government instigation of January 6th, asking why certain people who were present that day were suddenly removed from the FBI’s wanted list. Dir. Christopher Wray has offered no explanation for that nor why Ray Epps, who was caught on video instigating the attack, has not been arrested. DeSantis stands nearly alone among elected Republicans in being willing to ask those questions.

Finally, he got to his over-arching point, asserting that Floridians simply do not care about January 6th and that it’s not something he thinks about. In the end, it was a short-lived moment of unrest in which those who committed crimes were arrested and harshly punished, arguably too harshly in many cases. Americans care about inflation, gas prices, schools, and a variety of other issues that actually affect their lives.

DeSantis ended his epic response with a final shot at the Democrats who are preening for the cameras today.

And I wish the Congress of the United States would be concerned about those pressing issues as well. Sadly, they’re not. They’re going to use this to be able to get more TV time, and some of them, who are probably the most loud, will end up probably vacationing in Florida at some point as well.

What an absolute boss.

Whether you are on the DeSantis bandwagon or not, you have to admit this guy is special. He’s taken everything Trump pioneered in regards to how to handle the media and turned it up to eleven. DeSantis is always prepared, and not only does he have the right answer ready to go at any time, but he knows how to deliver it in a way that makes his opposition look small and petty. That’s a gift, and it’s one conservatives desperately need to defeat the left going forward. The stakes are too high to fool with Republicans who aren’t up for the challenge.

Author: Bonchie


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