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Awkward Moment in Martha’s Vineyard: Pelosi Runs Into Obama After Being Disinvited from 60th B-Day

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was recently disinvited from Barack Obama’s supposedly ‘scaled down’ 60th birthday bash. That didn’t stop the stubbornly persistent Speaker from crashing Obama’s pre-birthday festivities at the celeb-filled resort where the big bash is being held.

But to hear Madame Speaker tell it, the reason for her to take her private jet up to Martha’s Vineyard — climate catastrophe be damned — was that it was all business. Because, obviously, politicians never lie.

Pelosi had been whisked away in black cars behind the paparazzi-packed airport to the Winnetu resort where the nation’s most pretentious charlatans had congregated. The Speaker would go on to brunch at the elite Vineyard Havens Country Club, where she would clink glasses with none other than The Oprah.

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The meeting with the political and media power brokers turned awkward, however, when the guest of honor showed up. Barack had just been out golfing at his private course with his friends, when he walked into the club house where the women were dining.

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“According to one well informed source Saturday afternoon brought a tense meeting as Pelosi dined with Oprah Winfrey at the elite Vineyard Havens Country Club,” the Daily Mail’s source reported. “In a moment of unfortunate timing, Obama had been playing golf on the private course with friends and walked into the club house just as the women dined.”

“The source saw the former president approach Winfrey and Pelosi’s table but could not hear if he extended the speaker a face-saving invitation amid the pleasantries exchanged,” the report added. “It is possible that Obama extended an invite after finding out Pelosi was in the neighborhood.”

The Pelosi lunch was also confirmed by the New York Post, which said Pelosi did gnosh with The Oprah at the Winnetu Ocean Resort in Edgartown. A Pelosi aide told the Post, however, that she was there to attend “private events in support of House Democrats.”

The A-listers that had gathered at the Winnetu for Obama’s bash had just held a three-hour cocktail party there on Friday with Obama himself. There was “not a mask in sight” according to the Daily Mail.


President Barack Obama’s massive 60th birthday celebration is being held on his $12 million estate in Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday. Celebrities that have poured in for the celebration include Beyonce, Jay-Z, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and George Clooney.


While it was claimed that the guest list was being scaled down from nearly 500 guests and 200 wait staff for the birthday celebration, and it would be a private affair between family and friends, Friday’s shindig at the Winnetu showed this is not actually the case.

John Legend, Chrissy Tiegen, and NBA legend Dwyane Wade were also in attendance for the party on Friday. “Climate envoy” Kerry also said to heck with our kid’s futures, which reputedly hang in the balance with every CO2 molecule expended into the air, by flying in on a private jet; the beluga caviar, after all, was said to be divine.

Massive tent cities have been staked out on Obama’s estate, but they aren’t for the homeless. That is something Nancy Pelosi could have advised on, given her experience with the homeless in her district in San Francisco.

No, they are for the pampered celebrities, who believe that rules such as universal mandatory masking, even for toddlers and children who have to sit in classrooms for 8-hours a day, are obviously just for the peasants and not for them.

It is apparent that Barack Obama and his shameless crew of celebrity charlatans are unconcerned about the mixed messages being sent to the lowly masses about “superspreader” events and insane CDC masking guidelines while partying it up in posh Martha’s Vineyard. They are never held accountable, so why would they?

Author: Kyle Becker


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