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Biden Calls a Lid as Major Disaster Unfolds

As a major disaster unfolds at the border, President Joe Biden called a lid at 1:13pm eastern on Monday afternoon.

It appears the President is too weak to finish out a full day of work, even with the catastrophic border crisis our nation is facing.

"A photo/ travel lid was called at 1.13pm," the report from the White House pool declared.

So basically Biden will go back into hiding and won't be seen for the remainder of the day.

The news of Biden calling an early lid comes as the president continues to face heavy scrutiny for how he's handling the situation at the southern border.

Earlier on Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked some important questions about what's happening at the border.

She failed to answer them. Take a look:

If Biden cannot manage to make it through the entire day while such a severe crisis is unfolding, he clearly is not fit to be president.

Sooner or later the rest of America will see how unfit he is. Until then, God help us.

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