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Biden Calls SUPER LID on Campaign; Refuses to Be Seen Again Until After Thursdays Debate

We are just two weeks away from one of the most important elections in our nation's history.

And what is Joe doing?

He is calling a super lid on his campaign.

CBS News just reported that Biden will not be seen again on the campaign trail until AFTER Thursday nights debate against Trump.

While President Trump is visiting multiple states per day, Joe is taking a nap!

Watch below for the CBS News report:

Biden's campaign is claiming the reason Joe is going into hiding is due to "debate prep," but I think we all know the real reason.

He simply doesn't have the energy to carry out another week of campaigning.

The fact that he can't pull it together, especially during the most important part of the campaign, is pretty telling.

Do you think Sleepy Joe just doesn't have the stamina to carry on and needs to rest up? Let us know below.


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