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Biden canceling 2 nuclear weapons endangers America

By Ron Boat | WND

Treason doth never prosper. What's the reason? Why, when treason doth prosper, None dare call it treason.

– Sir John Harington (1561-1612)

America's position in the world is on full display – embarrassed and diminished by treasonous people elected to "protect and defend." The thin line between political incompetence and treason is tested with every revolution of the earth.

In light of recent Russian activities and testing, America should be considering our position in the nuclear food chain, preparing against those who believe "Ad mortem inimicus."

The first tenet of federal government is to protect its citizens, defend the homeland and create a safe haven for our right to live in peace, prosperity and security. Instead, an openly blatant agenda that fosters vulnerability exists that should alert every inhabitant of our land.

This writer has previously recounted the game plan of our enemies in preparation for war. But it's the resistant forces within that need to be recognized and dealt with to reestablish our prominence on the world stage of conflict; they make us vulnerable.

President Obama eliminated our Navy's nuclear-armed SLCMs, called the Tomahawk. While decades old and beyond its design life, it was a step toward his goal of "a world without nuclear weapons."

President Trump authorized the Navy to design and develop the new SLCM-N to replace the Tomahawk, alas, now canceled by President Biden. He ignores protests from the Pentagon, including the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that the new cruise missile is essential for nuclear deterrence.

Dr. Peter Pry, a respected authority on America's nuclear defenses reminds us that the SLCM-N would restore tactical nuclear capabilities to U.S. Navy attack submarines and surface ships, helping offset an imbalance that exists with the Russian navy, which is heavily armed for winning a nuclear war at sea.

SLCM-N would help deter tactical nuclear use by Russian land and air forces and offset Russia's enormous preponderance in tactical nuclear weapons. Today, we have only approximately 180 tactical nuclear gravity bombs housed in NATO/Europe against an estimated 2,000-8,000 Russian tactical nukes – at minimum a 10-to-1 advantage.

SLCM-N would also help deter China, North Korea and Iran by providing tactical nuclear firepower in theater to deter aggression, without permanently basing nuclear warheads on allied territories.

Anti-nuclear activists are controlling defensive policies, as President Biden's cancellation of SLCM-N is rationalized in his still-classified Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). Mistaken ideological reasons show a clear lack of understanding of our enemy's rationale for dominance.

The B83 nuclear 'bunker buster'

A classified version of the administration's Nuclear Posture Review plans to eliminate the B83 nuclear bomb – our most powerful weapon of nuclear deterrence. This overrules STRATCOM commander Adm. Charles Richard, the officer in charge of the U.S. nuclear deterrent, who specifically requests the B83. Designed for delivery at low-altitudes and supersonic speeds, it's necessary to penetrate increasingly formidable air defenses.

The B83 is the only U.S. nuclear weapon capable of generating a sufficient power with any realistic effect against deep underground military command posts, missile tunnels and other targets in Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, and the only remaining U.S. nuclear weapon that is megaton-class.

America hasn't tested a nuclear weapon since 1992, nor designed or developed new nuclear weapons in unilateral compliance with the unratified Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) – a bright idea of President Clinton and anti-nuclear ideologues dominating a radicalized Democrat Party, leading us toward a "non-nuclear world."

Instead of underground nuclear testing, CTBT requires the U.S. to use computer models, inspections and engineering judgment to endlessly repair its aging nuclear weapons: work done by scientists who have never designed or tested a nuclear weapon.

The U.S. no longer makes essential nuclear components like plutonium pits that "trigger" thermonuclear explosions. National Labs jerry-rig makeshift repairs to U.S. nuclear weapons using parts and materials that were never in the original design.

Drs. John Hopkins and David Sharp, former senior scientists in the Los Alamos National Labs, call for resumption of nuclear testing:

Dr. Mark Schneider, former senior Pentagon nuclear strategist, observes: "Today, we do not have 'science-based stockpiles,' but more like 'political science-based stockpiles.' Conversely, Russia has science-based development of new and improved nuclear weapons."

The U.S. Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA) was the Defense Department's chief steward for ensuring U.S. nuclear weapons were safe, reliable and effective. The Clinton administration abolished the DNA, which, when combined with the CTBT, began the long spiral downward of U.S. nuclear deterrence while our enemies continue testing advanced nuclear weapons.

A former director of the U.S. Defense Nuclear Agency, Vice Adm. Robert Monroe, has written extensively, warning for years that U.S. failure to test and develop new nuclear weapons is an existential threat. Wrote Monroe:

  • "America must resume underground nuclear testing immediately. The very existence of the United States may well depend upon it."

  • "How we stand today; No U.S. nuke has been tested. … we cannot be sure they will work. Every weapon is years beyond the end of its design life. Designed for massive destruction, our arsenal is unable to deter most of today's nuclear threats. Recovery will take a decade."

  • "We've done no research in advanced nuclear technologies; our adversaries are decades ahead of us. Our scientists, designers, engineers, and production managers have no experience. Our testing facilities, and knowledge, are virtually non-existent."

Russia and China testing advanced-technology weapons

In 2020, the State Department acknowledged Russia and China violated the 1996 Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. The U.S., faithfully observing CTBT, has conducted no nuclear tests since 1992.

Moscow and Beijing have conducted low-yield underground testing; the U.S. has observed a 30-year moratorium. By cheating on arms control, they have achieved a great leap forward in design and sophistication of their nuclear weapons; the U.S. lags behind.

Russia's nuclear arsenal includes an array of "Third Generation" advanced nuclear weapons: Ultra-low-yield for tactical use by land, sea and air forces; weapons that produce little or no radioactive fallout; warheads for specialized effects like neutrons, X-rays and Super-EMP weapons that can blackout a continent. Even China and North Korea have Super-EMP warheads; the U.S. has none of these advanced nuclear technologies.

Former Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Robert Ashley, in 2019, warned: "Russia's testing activities would help it to improve its nuclear weapon capabilities. The United States has forgone such benefits by upholding a 'zero-yield' standard."

President Biden's cancellation of SLCM-N and B83 weakens the U.S. nuclear deterrent at both ends of the deterrence spectrum (tactical low-yield weapons and strategic high-yield weapons) at the worst possible moment:

Russia weighs its nuclear options in Ukraine; China contemplates conquest of Taiwan; North Korea is poised to resume ICBM and nuclear testing; Iran is weeks away, or already has, its "Islamic Bomb"; U.S. allies question Washington's nuclear fortitude.

Cancellation of SLCM-N and the B83, combined with delays in testing strategic systems, looks like appeasement and surrender to Russian nuclear blackmail.

As the world moves closer to nuclear conflict, an EMP/cyber world war is even more proximate. Raytheon's warning? America is behind at least three years in development of strategic defensive nuclear weapons.

Our Strategic Defense Initiative ("Star Wars") is the only realistic technological pathway to render nuclear missiles obsolete. The SDI project Brilliant Pebbles could be resurrected, and 1,000 space-based anti-missiles deployed in five years for $20 billion.

The current administration must recognize and prepare for the dangerous enemies at hand. We don't live in a fantasy world where ideological opinions matter – only recognizing reality and acting on it will protect and keep us a free country.

Ron Boat has been writing national and international corporate marketing and training programs since 1975. In 2011 he was asked to write for No. 1 blogs and leading online publications. He interviews top military, political, and business leaders adding facts and timely commentary, without the rhetoric of political bias. He trusts that facts matter, and that truthful expression is paramount for a free America.@PatriotRon on CloutHub & Gab.

Author: Ron Boat


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