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Biden Caught Funneling Money In Despicable Charity Fraud

By The Patriotic Times

Medicine is big business, but not just because it helps cure diseases. Joe Biden founded a cancer research institute in 2017. The nonprofit org raised millions of dollars to battle the deadly disease. Now reports reveal that most of the money went to the top executives. Cancer research? It got the shaft.

You know, oftentimes people like me try to point out the long history of Democratic corruption. We let the country know how many times Democrats in important positions abuse the trust of Americans to make it rich. Yet, all so often, we are ignored.

But the truth is black and white. Democrats have traded their influence in politics to get rich and famous. Hillary Clinton did it for years (probably still doing it). Hell, Obama got a swanky house after he sold out America. And it looks like Joe Biden is just as bad as the rest of them.

You probably know about how he coerced Ukraine to fire a prosecutor to protect his son’s job. Or about how he compromised America’s bargaining position with China—so his son could get rich. But did you know what he did with his Biden Cancer Initiative? This is going to curdle your blood.

Nearly two-thirds of the money the Biden Cancer Initiative spent since its founding in 2017 went toward staff compensation and six-figure salaries for top executives. The group spent far less on efforts to eradicate cancer…

The nonprofit raised and spent $4.8 million over its two years in operation, its 2017 and 2018 tax forms show.

Slightly more than $3 million of that amount went to salaries, compensation, and benefits. At the same time, the group spent just $1.7 million on all of its other expenses. A bulk of this cash—$740,000—was poured into conferences, conventions, and meetings. It did not cut a single grant to any other group or foundation during its two-year run. [Source: Fox News]

Well, look at that! Another big-name Democrat using a bogus nonprofit for suspicious purposes. You might remember how Hillary used her “Clinton Foundation” as a pay-for-play racket while Secretary of State. She gave out favors and aid to countries that padded the foundation with donations.

This might be worse. Much, much worse. Biden conned Americans into donating to an org that was supposed to be fighting cancer. Yet documents reveal that most of the cash went to salaries, compensations, and benefits. The rest of the cash was used for conferences, conventions, and meetings. Little was spent on actual cancer research.

What the hell, Joe? Was this just a front to give fat salaries to your buddies? Shouldn’t a cancer research institution research cancer? It looks to me like Biden used his fame as a former vice president to gather up as many donations as possible. He used the sob story about his own personal loss to justify the creation of this group. Then he gobbled up millions—but did little in the way of research.

Why isn’t this headline news? Biden wants to be the president. Yet we see he might have been cheating donors with an apparent scam.

For that matter, why isn’t the DOJ or some other law enforcement body investigating this? Call me crazy, but when a nonprofit takes million but does little to help, it seems like a fraud.

But how much do you want to bet that Biden will get off scot-free? Don’t let him. Spread this news far and wide.

Source: Patriotic Times: Biden Caught Funneling Money In Despicable Charity Fraud

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