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Biden Crosses Serious Line: Openly Attacks Vet in Troubling Video

Every day that goes by, Biden continues to show the nation that his mental health is in serious decline.

From his countless gaffes, to physically threatening an auto worker, the former Vice President is clearly unfit to be campaigning.

And now another disturbing video has emerged of Biden, and it's just more proof that this guy can come nowhere near the White House.

In a moment that was basically completely ignored by the mainstream media last week, Biden was confronted by two American military veterans at a California diner.

The vets held nothing back. They tore into Biden, and for a damn good reason.

Take a look at how it all unfolded:

“My friends are dead because of your policies,” the veteran said.

Biden responded by using his dead son to get out of answering the question.

“So is my son, so is my son, who was in Iraq, OK, for a year,” Biden stated. He almost seemed like he temporarily believed his son was killed in the conflict as well. Even though he died in a Maryland hospital far from the battlefields.

But Biden wasn't finished. At this point he changed his tone, and tried turning the heated moment against the veteran.

"You better not [go after my son]," Biden told the veteran in a threatening manner.

Visibly shaken, Biden then turned his back on both the veterans and walked away.

So let's recap: 2 U.S. military veterans approached Biden with valid concerns. In just a few moments, Biden refused to answer their questions, and instead shifted the conversation from his voting record to one about defending his dead son.

I'm still not sure why he brought his son into the conversation and felt the need to defend him, because there was no criticism coming his way.

Either way prayers to Biden, I can't imagine losing a son. But this is just another prime example that Biden is not mentally fit to be running for office.


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