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Biden Ends Trump Program That Targeted Sex Offenders in the U.S. Illegally

Several attorney generals are calling on the Biden administration to reverse the cancellation of Trump's Operation Talon program.

The program tracked and deported sex offenders who were in the United States illegally.

For some reason the Biden administration thought it'd be a good idea to terminate it, hereby leaving Americans and children vulnerable to these sex offenders.

Here's more on the program:

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody went on Fox & Friends over the weekend to urge Biden to not cancel the program. She said there is "no reason" for Biden to terminate an operation targeting sex offenders who are in our country illegally.

"We rely on the federal government to assist our local and state law enforcement and remove those that are lurking in our communities that are sexual predators and that are preying on our most vulnerable. And so, to have an administration, Joe Biden, cancel an operation that is focusing on sexual offenders in our country, as the attorney general of Florida certainly, but as a mother, it’s horrifying,” Moody said.

Moody was then asked by one of the co-hosts on the show if there was any reason why the operation would be removed.

Moody fired back with, “Absolutely none. I was a former federal prosecutor. Effective, targeted operations cross administrations. These operations help agents do their jobs, especially for states like Florida that rely on federal agencies and law enforcement to help them remove these dangerous people from our communities. There is no reason this operation should be canceled.”

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Kurt Knapp
Kurt Knapp
23 feb 2021

I think Obama is behind the curtain telling Biden what to do, since Biden doesn't really have a clue and Obama proved for eight long years that he had no love for America. Yesterday I heard that Obama had been at the White House every day last week. I think we had enough of him already.

Mi piace

Beijingbiddy dosent get a s*** about Americans citizens, only illegals that the demobrats figure will vote fir them, unlike TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS that want our country to be free and safe

He is Satans little demon

Mi piace
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