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Biden Forgets Coronavirus, Can't Remember What Century We're In (Again)

Biden's mental decline was on full display yet again during an interview Tuesday evening.

First, the Democratic presidential candidate forgot the name of the coronavirus:

“Thousands of meatpacker— workers got sick, got cona— uh, uh, got the virus and some died,” Biden said.

At another point during the interview, Biden forgot what century we are living in (again).

“The idea that you go through the 20th Century without— with just 12 years of education, er, the 21st Century,” he said.

Biden also grossly misstated the size of his prized 2009 stimulus bill that he claims to have spent every day running. And not by a small amount—he was wrong by about $720 billion.

Finally, Biden made an extremely bizarre claim about hydroxycloroquine.

Can you imagine this guy being the leader of the free world?


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