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Biden Is About To WILLINGLY Make The Border Crisis Even Worse

While Kamala Harris was handling a phone call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, our most important and closest ally in the Middle East, Joe Biden was busy on another phone call with the leader of the Central American superpower Guatemala.

And from the sound of things, Biden is about to make our already deepening migrant border crisis even worse.

“The President expressed his condolences for the thirteen Guatemalan migrants who were killed in Northern Mexico,” a readout of the call published by the White House said of Biden’s conversation with President Alejandro Giammattei Falla.

“The two leaders also reviewed joint efforts to address the impact of hurricanes Eta and Iota, and reaffirmed their commitment to addressing the root causes of migration by combating corruption, promoting economic opportunity, and enhancing civilian security. Both Presidents agreed for their respective teams to meet in the coming weeks to develop an effective and humane plan of action to manage migration,” it added.

‘Manage migration’ sounds an awful lot like Biden assuring Falla that he can send however many of his own people north as he wants and the good ol’ American taxpayer will take care of them.

Breitbart News reported:

During his presidential campaign, Biden repeatedly blamed the United States for failing to help countries like Guatemala improve their economic conditions so few migrants would want to leave their country for the United States.

A growing number of migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador have resumed their journey north after President Biden vowed to roll back President Trump’s efforts to block migration into the country.

Biden’s claim that under Trump or anyone else the U.S. did nothing to help improve conditions in Guatemala and other Central American countries is patently false.

The U.S. taxpayer has been “addressing the root causes of migration by combating corruption” for years; this is bureaucratese for “we’re going to give you more money.”

The Trump administration — and before his, the Obama regime, the Bush White House, and so on — all pursued the same strategy. The only difference came with Donald Trump who threatened to cut off the funding if the leaders of Central American countries didn’t do more to accommodate their own people and, importantly, take them back after U.S. border officials caught them sneaking into the United States.

But corruption in these countries is systemic; if the leaders of those nations really wanted to create conditions and economies that actually functioned, then their societies would have matured long ago and there would be no need for mass migration outward.

Giving these countries hundreds of millions more in American tax dollars is like throwing good money after bad; nothing will change. The only policy that really made any in recent years, in fact, was Trump’s threat to shut off the American cash spigot, as he mentioned last week during his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Money isn’t the problem. And America isn’t the solution. But given the White House’s description of the call, it certainly seems as though Biden and his handlers have decided that they have a short window before the 2022 elections to bring in as many potential Democratic voters as possible, and that’s what they’re going to do.


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