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Biden Lets it Slip, Admits He Is Really 'Kamala's Running Mate'

When Joe Biden tells the truth, American voters should be cringing.

The former vice president might be the official nominee of the Democratic Party running against President Donald Trump in Tuesday’s election, but to most Republicans, he’s more like the fake attraction on a bait-and-switch ballot.

And in a comment to Georgia voters on Tuesday, Biden basically blurted that out.

“My name’s Joe Biden. I’m Jill Biden’s husband, and I’m Kamala’s running mate,” Biden told the crowd at a sparsely attended drive-in rally in Atlanta. “Y’all think I’m kidding, don’t ya?”

The “Kamala” Biden referred to, of course, is his vice presidential nominee, Sen. Kamala Harris. And that fake chuckle Biden included doesn’t make it a joke.

Anyone who’s followed the presidential race with even slight interest knows that the Democratic ticket is rightfully dogged by concerns that the man ostensibly running for president is incapable of doing the job.

Biden’s list of worrisome gaffes is almost endless –saying he’s running for Senate instead of the presidency, forgetting the name of Republican 2012 nominee (and current senator) Mitt Romney, botching the name of the current occupant of the White House.

His ludicrously light campaign schedule — which seems to consist mainly of calling “lids” on potential action as early as possible — does not indicate a man brimming with boundless passion to win a job that requires astounding amounts of energy.

All of that and more adds up to feeding the suspicion that Biden’s so-called candidacy is a Trojan horse — a deceptive symbol of alleged moderation to sell to the American electorate on behalf of a Democratic Party that has been taken over by its far-left elements.

And Harris, currently the junior senator from California, is coming from the far left.

She’s a close ally of democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York on issues such as “Climate Equity” and the Green New Deal.

Harris is, in short, exactly the kind of candidate sane Americans don’t want anywhere near the Oval Office. In fact, she had so little support even among Democrats (not the sanest voting bloc going) that she was forced to drop out of the Democratic primary before a single caucus took place or a single primary vote was cast.

Yet, here’s Joe Biden, the nominal Democratic standard-bearer, identifying himself as “Kamala’s running mate” at a rally one week before Election Day.

As BizPac Review pointed out, Biden has often identified himself as “Jill Biden’s husband” — it’s a cheap play for female voters.

But calling himself the “running mate” rather than the person at the top of the ticket is a different story.

And plenty of social media users noticed:

Alert Americans might remember Biden’s manly statements at the second presidential debate when he declared that “I am the Democratic Party” while arguing with Trump over socialized medicine.

When the president compared Biden’s health care plans for the country to those of Vermont socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, Biden got positively indignant.

“He thinks he’s running against somebody else,” Biden said. “He’s running against Joe Biden. I beat all those other people because I disagreed with them.”

If Biden really disagrees with leftists like Harris, he’s got a funny way of showing it.

As it turns out, in Biden’s own words, Trump is running against Kamala Harris — and the soul- and society-destroying philosophies she represents.

That’s one truth that hurts.

And it should destroy the Biden-Harris campaign completely.

Author: Joe Saunders


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