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Biden: 'Non-stop' immigration will make whites 'absolute minority'

It would be "non-stop" immigration that could make whites in the United States an "absolute minority," schemed Joe Biden.

As more and more questions rise over his decision, when he took office, to eliminate virtually all of the southern border security measures implemented by President Trump, measures that had proven effective, a report from National File has recalled a video he made while vice president to Barack Obama.

At the time, he fantasized about an "unrelenting stream of immigration" that would make white Americans that "absolute minority."

He made the comments during an address in 2014 that over a short time, under left-wing immigration agendas, "fewer than 50% of the people in American from then and on will be white European stock."

He claimed, "That's not a bad thing."

His comments were part of his campaign at the time to link amnesty for illegal aliens to the federal budget.

He claimed amnesty was critical for the corporate workforce, and that failing to support that agenda was simply a matter of anti-Hispanic racism.

Biden recalled a conversation on immigration that he'd had, warning that America's success depended on "an unrelenting stream of immigration – nonstop."

He continued, "Folks like me who are Caucasian, of European descent," soon will be an "absolute minority."

The National File reported, "Since his installation as president, Joe Biden has overseen the largest ground invasion of the United States in the nation’s history, with at least 5.5 million illegal aliens crossing America’s southern border under the watch of him and Alejandro Mayorkas."

Author: WND Staff


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