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Biden Orders Border Patrol to Focus on Using the Right Pronouns

by Will

Now that Biden has done away with Title 42 and a “mass migration event” is predicted to be headed toward the US border, what does Team Biden want Border Patrol agents to focus on? Pronouns. Yes, really.

According to a report in Just the News, Team Biden announced some changes to how CBP is supposed to handle pronouns at the border on “International Trans Day of Visibility,” using the previously unknown day to tell border agents already stretched thin by the crisis at the border that they need to focus on inclusive pronouns when dealing with border crossers.

Supposedly, those instructions said:

“Facilitating effective communication at U.S. ports of entry and beyond: CBP has provided a job aid and memorandum to all staff that will serve as a guide for facilitating effective communication with the diverse public CBP serves, including LGBTQI+ individuals.

“The guidance includes using gender-neutral language and an individual’s self-identified pronouns and name.”

So how long until an MS-13 hitman with a machete gets off the hook because a CBP agent calls him “sir” rather than “ma’am”?

The new guidance could not come at a worse time for border patrol agents. Already overburdened by having to deal with the massive flood of humanity that has rushed toward the US since Biden’s election, Biden’s Title 42 revocation is expected to make the problem even worse.

Rep. McCarthy, for example, the current House Minority Leader, slammed Biden’s decision in a statement to Fox News. Speaking on the issue of Title 42, Rep. McCarthy said:

“Today’s decision confirms that President Biden has abdicated his responsibilities at our borders and is actively working to make the border crisis worse. From day one of his administration, he has failed to protect our nation’s security and to secure the border.”

Adding to that, Rep. McCarthy also said:

“This decision is wrong and will invite a lawless surge of illegal border crossings to enrich human traffickers and overwhelm our Border Patrol. This will inflict suffering, pain, and tragedy throughout our country. Make no mistake, the President will own the calamity his policies have created.”

And politicians aren’t the only ones worried about what’s coming. Border Patrol agents themselves are too. One, for example, told Fox that “We are expecting to get wrecked.

Further, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd said We feel abandoned, we feel frustrated, we’re devastated. We know this is going to cause chaos of epic proportions, especially when there is still a pandemic going on. We can’t even fly on airplanes without masks, but we’re going to end Title 42 which is going to cause the single largest flux of illegal immigration in our history? Again, we’re beside ourselves.

So, at a time when the already massive surge of migrants is set to get even worse thanks to Biden’s actions, when morale is already low and problems seem to be getting worse, Biden wants them to spend time focusing on pronouns. Wonderful.

Author: Will


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