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Biden's Mental Issues Worsen, He Falsely Claims 600,000 Americans Have Died from Coronavirus

Biden just can't seem to get it together. During an appearance on MSNBC, the former Vice President was caught falsely claiming that 600,000 Americans have already died from the coronavirus.

“Over 600,000 dead, many of them who are those workers, those nurses, doctors, some of them,” Biden stated. “Because they have put themselves in the position to save other people’s lives, protect the rest of society.”

A hot mic in the studio caught the MSNBC host literally gasping as Biden continued on.

“And we talk about that number like 600-plus thousand people,” Biden repeated.

It was at this point the host, Joe Scarborough, jumped in to correct him, saying, "Sixty."

“Sixty thousand,” Scarborough said to Biden.

“Six— sixty thousand,” Biden responded back with. “I misp— 60,000.”


Biden then tried to deflect by attacking Trump, saying, “The pandemic is that the president has no intercourse whatsoever with the rest of the count— uh, the world."

During the same interview Biden was confronted on the sexual assault allegations he's facing from Tara Reade.

At one point, Biden said he won't release his Senate records at the University of Delaware because he thinks they would damage his campaign.

Interestingly, after Biden announced he was running for President, he sent operatives to the University of Delaware to comb through his records.

And now he's refusing to release them? Gee, I wonder what could possibly be in there?


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