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Biden Says He's Made Everything Awesome, but Americans Have a 'Psychological' Issue With Being Happy

Just when you think Joe Biden can’t possibly say anything more ridiculous than the last time, he proves you wrong. Lesson: Never underestimate our intrepid president and his ability to stoop to new lows of silliness, causing you to spit your liquid refreshment all over your computer screen. Or wherever. No, really.

The latest hysterical case in point, which was posted to Twitter on Saturday by our friends at the Republican National Committee, speaks for itself, but I can’t stop myself from transcribing the damn thing.

Ready? This — with a Barney Fife-like straight face, mind you:

There’s a phenomenal major psychological impact that COVID has had [COVID! Of course!] on the pubic psyche. And so you have an awful lot of people who are, notwithstanding the fact that things have gotten so better for them economically, uh, that they are thinking, but, how do you get up in the morning feeling happy? Happy that everything’s alright.

Here’s Joe, America.

Did you read that a second time? What the hell is that? Look, I know Biden is and has always been a consummate liar, “stretcher of truth,” plagiarizer, and everything else required of a Democrat politician, but that? I mean, the dude even went through that ridiculous nonsense with a straight face. He looked as if he was in deep contemplation. OK, fine. Corn Pop’s pal is incapable of deep contemplation, I get it — but you know what I mean. Again, what the hell?

This, the hell.

COVID Joe™ has been singularly-obsessed with all things COVID from the beginning of his pathetic presidency. From worthless cloth masks to so-called “vaccinations” and “boosters” (neither are either, by the CDC’s own definitions), to public displays of hypocritical mask foolishness that will long live in the annals of ridiculous COVID history.

So, being the consummate, dishonest politician he is, Biden now minimizes every one of his self-made crises and irrationally blames some made-up psychological impact caused by COVID for making people unable to wake up happy.

That is insane. More correctly, anyone who actually believes that silly crap is insane.

Incidentally, this was not Biden’s first ride on the crazy train to Psychological La-La Land. As my colleague Nick Arama reported in November 2021, Joe blamed his in-the-toilet polling numbers on “psychological scars” caused by COVID, which apparently made Americans incapable of stopping themselves from trashing him in approval polls. Again, unadulterated silliness.

Anyway, as the saying goes, you gotta love Joe— wait. Who says? I don’t gotta love Joe at all. And I certainly ain’t psychologically incapable of being happy. On the contrary, I’m happy as can be, most of the time. Happy about life. Happy about friends and loved ones. Happy about what I do for a living.

What I am not happy about, Joe, is the havoc and hardship you have purposely wreaked on America. From the Biden Border Crisis to the Biden Energy Crisis to the Biden Afghanistan Debacle — including the intentional abandonment of untold numbers of American citizens behind Taliban lines — to Bidenomics, Bidenflation, and now the Biden Ukraine Crisis.

And Joe? If you believe Putin would have launched an invasion of Ukraine if Donald Trump were still in the White House, you’re even more delusional than most of us already think you are.

Before we leave, here are a few more reasons to “wake up happy” about all things Joe Biden:

Author: Mike Miller


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