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Biden Speaks Absolute Gibberish at FEMA Meeting

President Joe Biden certainly wasn’t elected for his oratorical skills. But the American people who did vote for him at least expected their incoming president would be able to speak basic English in speeches and at meetings.

Those people would be wrong. On Monday, President Biden was called in to receive a hurricane briefing from FEMA. The Washington Post gave the set-up.

“President Biden said he would ‘insist on nothing less than readiness’ as he visited the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Monday ahead of the official June 1 start of the Atlantic Ocean hurricane season,” the Post reported. “Before the visit, Biden announced that he was doubling the money the U.S. government will spend to help communities prepare for extreme weather events.”

When he attempted to give his thoughts at the FEMA meeting, that’s when things got a little jumbled.

“Biden drops his most inspiring line yet at a FEMA roundtable,” Newsmax host Benny Johnson noted. Listen:

“But, uh, there’s, you know, there’s to be, you know, beginning, uh, this effort for 2021 is, uh…” Biden stumbled. “I think we’ve learned a few lessons from last year, as well. There’s help, as so, uh, we, you know, being there to help, clear roads, rebuild main streets, uh, so that families can get back to their lives, uh, that’s what FEMA does every single day.”

It continues a pattern of the president making no sense. At a recent Coast Guard cadet graduation ceremony, Joe Biden struggled to remember the name of the Coast Guard Lt. Commander who accompanied him to his first service speech as president.

“I brought with me a former Academy grad, who now serves as my Coast Guard (indistinguishable),” Biden said, “Lieutenant Commander Jayna ⁠— now I’m going to embarrass her?” he asked while turning to his side.

“Jayna Mac-Crone of the class of 2007,” he blurted out awkwardly while closing his eyes.

In February, Biden spoke at a Houston vaccine site. It is absolutely painful to watch.

“Representatives, uh, Shirley Jackson Lee, Al Green, Sylvia Garcia, Lizzie Pannili, uh, excuse me,” Biden said and winced. “Pannell, and uh, what am I doing here?” he said.

Of course, “Vice President” Harris has been keeping busy with duties that presidents usually perform, such as her recent call to the King of Jordan regarding the Israel-Hamas crisis and holding a listening session at the White House on the stalled infrastructure bill.

Author: Kyle Becker


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