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Biden Spent Thanksgiving On Billionaire Compound While Americans Struggle With Rising Costs

Everyday, Americans are faced with rising costs due to Biden’s disastrous economic policies.

Gas, food, cars and just about everything else needed for daily life is more expensive because of the 78-year old lifelong politician. Not only that, but there is a historic labor shortage combined with an unprecedented supply chain crisis.

To make matters worse, instead of having a humble Thanksgiving with his family at the White House, Biden decided to rent out an extravagant compound owned by a billionaire in Nantucket.

Here’s the report from JustTheNews:

“President Joe Biden and his family are spending Thanksgiving at a sprawling and exclusive Nantucket compound owned by billionaire David Rubenstein, who is overseas, according to reports. The Bidens reportedly are paying to rent the $20 million, 13-acre estate on Nantucket Harbor, on the small island off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.”

As Biden was hanging out in luxury, he called into NBC and falsely claimed that “America Is Back”.

Watch below:

“My message is after two years, you’re back, America’s back,” Biden told Al Roker of NBC’s “Today” show.

Biden claims to be “Middle Class Joe”, but he is anything but.


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