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Brad Pitt Slams Republicans Right After Winning Oscar

Hollywood elites have apparently still learned nothing, as made evident by Sunday evening's Oscars.

Despite declining ratings for their awards shows, for some reason these actors and actresses still think people give a flying crap about their political opinions.

It began last night when Brad Pitt was given an Oscar for best-supporting actor in his role as a stuntman in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.' Immediately after he stepped on stage to accept the award, he went on a politically charged rant against Republicans for acquitting Trump without any new witnesses in the Senate.

Check it out:

“They told me I only have 45 seconds up here, which is 45 seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week. I’m thinking maybe Quentin [Tarantino] does a movie about it. In the end, the adults do the right thing," Pitt said.

When talking backstage Pitt further explained his political injection, as reported by Fox News:

"I was really disappointed with this week," he told reporters. "And I think when gamesmanship trumps doing the right thing, it’s a sad day and I don’t think we should let it slide, and I’m very serious about that."

As you can imagine, Pitt's words did not sit well with many Americans.

Will these Hollywood elites ever learn that we don't want them trying to shove their ill-conceived, agenda-driven political opinions down our throats?

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