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BREAKING: House Passes Bill to Make D.C. the 51st State

The Democrats have taken another dangerous step towards total power as they have passed a bill granting statehood to Washington D.C. This comes just days after Biden opened the door for packing the Supreme Court with 4 new justices. This is becoming one of the most blatant power grabs in American history.

Here’s the breaking report from the Daily Caller:

The House of Representatives passed legislation Thursday which would give statehood to Washington, D.C., making it the 51st state in the U.S. H.R. 51 passed the House 216-208. The bill would designate “Washington, Douglass Commonwealth” as the 51st state while still having a separate federal district.

Republicans say that the move is unconstitutional and rightly point out that Democrats want D.C. statehood in order to add two Democratic senators in Congress as well as one Democratic representative in the House.

“The Democrats’ D.C. statehood scheme is about two things: consolidating power and enacting radical policies. The American people see right through this blatant power grab” Kevin McCarthy said before the vote.

The bill now advances to the Senate, where Republicans will have to rely on moderate Democrats like Joe Manchin to help them strike it down.

Many other conservatives sounded off on Twitter:

Ted Cruz also unloaded on the decision, saying “What Senate Democrats and House Democrats are trying to do is fundamentally corrupt, their first priority is to change the rules to stay in power.”


What is your reaction to the Democrats latest power grab? Comment below…

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