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Busted: Gov Whitmer Begs Citizens to Not Visit Summer Homes, Then Her Car Is Seen at HER Summer Home

Evidently the rules don't apply to elites like Governor Whitmer or her family.

Recently the tyrannical Governor of Michigan begged the citizens of her state to not visit their summer homes.

Governor Whitmer has had some of the most extreme stay-at-home orders throughout the entire nation.

At one point she even signed an executive order that flat out banned people from traveling between their own residences within the state.

Not surprisingly, a photo has now surfaced online that shows Governor Whitmer's vehicles parked outside her summer home near Birch Lake, Michigan.

Take a look:

We looked up who the Tahoe parked in Whitmer's summer home was registered to, and guess what we found?

The vehicle belongs to Marc Mallory, who just so happens to be Governor Whitmer's husband.

So while the rest of Michigan is told to stay home and not visit their summer homes, Governor Whitmer and her husband were soaking it up at their vacation home. Seems fair, right?

In other news, it was recently revealed that Governor Whitmer is currently in talks with Joe Biden about becoming his VP.

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Rick Leroue
Rick Leroue
22 may 2020

can anyone, anyone explain how or why would you ever, ever . vote for a democratic? they steal, cheat, never play fair. I think all the democrat governor got to be vote out this November. it is hard to watch. looking at Nancy an the house. I think most need to be in prison. not running the government.

Me gusta
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