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Chaos Erupts in Atlanta, Gun Battle Breaks Out in Streets, as Fed-Up Police Stop Showing Up to Work

Atlanta got an early taste of what life will be like without those tasked with ensuring law and order.

Atlanta police officers began not showing up to work in mass numbers after District Attorney Howard announced charges were being filed against the cops involved in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks.

Add to that all the Democrats across the nation continuing to call for defunding and disbanding police departments, it's easy to see why cops have had enough.

Well as any sensible person would imagine, all Hell broke loose in Atlanta without the police around.

A video posted online by Conservative actor James Woods shows a gunfight breaking out in the streets. In the video armed men are brazenly walking down the streets openly carrying weapons, and you can hear dozens of shots ring out.

Take a look:

Another clip shows events leading up to the shootout, with cars running rampant in the streets as the thugs celebrate in a party-like atmosphere.

There was a vigil held for Brooks at the same location the following night, and there was reportedly a second shooting there.

A man reportedly tried filming what was happening at the location, and he was immediately attacked by the thugs.

I hope all those on the left pushing to get rid of the police are paying attention to what is happening in Atlanta right now.

Please help share these videos as we all know the mainstream media won't touch them.


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