China Finally Admits What We've Known for Months, Proves Trump Admin Was Right All Along

The Chinese government needs a lesson in how to spin a little harder.

They’ve been desperately trying to spin things since the coronavirus outbreak began. But everybody has seen right through it since they are horrible liars.

And with this latest bit of info that just came out, they're really going to need to do better.

After previously denying it, the Chinese government is finally ready to admit they did in fact order laboratories back in January to destroy all the samples they had in their possession of COVID-19.

Members of the Trump administration have been accusing China of this for months, and China is now confirming they were right all along with their accusations.

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Along with destroying the samples, China also silenced doctors and journalists.

China decided to come clean not long after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed he had evidence proving China destroyed the samples, and he even said he knew the exact date they did it—January 3rd.

The excuse China’s National Health Commission official gave for destroying the samples was ridiculous.

Check it out, from Daily Caller:

“If the laboratory conditions cannot meet the requirements for the safe preservation of samples, the samples should be destroyed on the spot or transferred to a professional institution for safekeeping,” Dengfend said, according to The Wall Street Journal.
“Based on comprehensive research and expert opinion, we decided to temporarily manage the pathogen causing the pneumonia as Class II — highly pathogenic — and imposed biosafety requirements on sample collection, transport and experimental activities, as well as destroying the samples,” Dengfeng said, according to the South China Morning Post.

So he’s basically asking us to believe that saving the samples, the crucial evidence for telling the origin of the virus, wasn’t able to be kept safely by professionals? So are they saying they’re idiots or criminal? Or just both if they think we buy that explanation.