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CNN's Don Lemon Suggests Every White Person Born On American Soil Is Racist; ‘How Could You NOT Be?’

By Jonathan Davis

There is a reason why President Donald Trump once called CNN host Don Lemon “the dumbest man on television,” and no, it doesn’t have anything at all to do with the fact that the he’s black.

However, it does have everything to do with the things Lemon says.

During a Friday appearance on the little-watched “New Day” program with Alisyn Camarota, Lemon said:

Listen, white people are so scared right now to do anything, to talk about anything, to broach these conversations. They’re sort of frozen because they — who wants to be called a racist, right? Who wants people to think that they have a racial blind spot? But this is what I think. I think that—this is going to sound weird, but, every year, I have hydrangeas in my yard, they come back a different color, or a tulip or an orchid. And it’s not because they’re different, it’s because the soil is different, right? It depends on the nutrients in the soil. So, if you grew up in America, you came out of American soil, considering the history of this country […] how can you not be racist? How can you not have racial blind spots? How can you not see that the factory reset in America is whiteness?


And you’ll notice that the two white hosts didn’t push back on his calling them racists, either. They just sat there and took it, because, we suppose, pushing back would be considered…racist!

So, to be clear, if you’re an American and you’re white and you were born and raised here, you are automatically a racist. No ifs, ands, or buts; the die is cast. You can’t escape it. And to real racists like Lemon, you’re not going be permitted to escape your ‘racist, bigoted’ past.

But playing along, that must mean the majority of whites who voted for Barack Obama – twice – are really just racists too, deep down. Though voting takes place in private and no one knows who you are casting a ballot for, Obama won…twice

In a nation where the vast majority of the population is white…and racist, according to Lemon.

Are you sickened by this? Are you fed up and tired of being stereotyped by people who are fed up and tired of being stereotyped? Are you so done with having people who don’t want to be judged by the color of their skin judge you by the color of yours?

Where will all of this lead? If we are a racially, ethnically diverse country that cannot unify around the common principles of freedom, liberty, and justice for all regardless of skin color, then the answer is pretty simple: Our nation, in its current form, cannot and will not survive.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld nailed it in a Saturday tweet. 

“When this is over, how will we deal with anchors who incite a race war? Those who ignore the available stats that counter their narrative? we all agree what's bad is bad; but to drive destruction and death thru extrapolation ends civilization. Asking for @cnn.”

Author: Jonathan Davis

Source: Trending Politics: CNN's Don Lemon Suggests Every White Person Born On American Soil Is Racist; ‘How Could You NOT Be?’

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