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Cryin' Chuck Schumer Proposes Legislation Banning Trump's Signature on Stimulus Checks

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, along with Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is currently working on another coronavirus relief package that is expected to cost another $1 trillion.

The details of the bill are still being hammered out, but there are a few things we do already know.

First, Schumer is including a special act—that that he himself authored—which would ban President Trump from being allowed to have his name on the checks that are sent to Americans.

Democrats melted down earlier this month when they found out Trump's name would be included on the initial checks. They whined that doing so would slow the delivery of the checks, which was of course not true.

The decision to include Trump's name on the checks was not even Trump's idea, but rather Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's.

But that didn't stop leftists from losing their minds over seeing his name on the checks.

Now, Democrats are going to do whatever they can to remove his name from the payments as they are concerned that Trump got too much credit for the CARES Act. More on Schumer's Act from The Daily Wire:

“The so-called ‘No PR Act,'” the outlet reports, “would prohibit the use of federal dollars toward any material that promotes the names or signatures of Trump or Vice President Mike Pence.”
“President Trump unfortunately appears to see the pandemic as just another opportunity to promote his own political interests,” Schumer said in a statement issued Monday. “The No PR Act puts an end to the president’s exploitation of taxpayer money for promotional material that only benefits his re-election campaign.”
“Delaying the release of stimulus checks so his signature could be added is a waste of time and money,” Schumer added, even though it is not clear there was any delay in issuing the initial checks.

Could the guy be any more petty?

But it's not just Schumer who's still trying to hijack the stimulus package for political gain.

Earlier today Pelosi bragged that she is going to walk away from the new relief bill if she does not get what she wants. Yes, really.

Democrats are continuing to make it crystal clear they don't actually care about helping the American people, even during a worldwide pandemic.

The only thing on their minds right now is trying to figure out a way to make Trump look weaker so they can hopefully stop him from getting re-elected.

News flash, it's not working. The left's futile efforts against the president are doing nothing but helping more Americans realize what a joke the Democratic party has become.

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Lisa West
Lisa West
Apr 28, 2020

These Demoncraps are childish and if doesn’t go their way they’ll take their ball and go home crying. They are not hurting our President, they are killing themselves off and soon there will be non. To the Republic we stand. Vote Red Trump 2020

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