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Debate Rule Changes Could Allow President Trump’s Mic To Be Cut Off

Following Tuesday's brutal slugfest between President Trump, Joe Biden and Fox News moderator Chris Wallace, it has become clear that the former vice president is incapable of debating on a level playing field.

Trump's dismantling of lunchbucket Joe and his tag-team partner triggered howls of indignation from the media, celebs, and Democrats and now it appears that the rules will be changed to censor the leader of the free world.

According to the Commission on Presidential Debates stated that future debates would need “additional structure” to allow anti-Trump media moderators more power in the control of the nationally televised events.

One such change could be to allow the moderators to cut off Trump's mic, a stunning development but one that shows how determined that the establishment is to regain control over the presidency.

The commission that oversees the general election presidential debates said Wednesday it will be making changes to the format of the remaining two debates. One key change it plans to implement: Cutting off the microphones of President Trump and Joe Biden if they break the rules, according to a source familiar with the commission’s deliberations. The plans have not been finalized and the commission is still considering how it would carry out the plan.
In a statement following the presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, the first of three scheduled in the run-up to the general election, the commission said the event “made clear that additional structure should be added to the format of the remaining debates to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues.” An informed source told CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell the commission will spend the next 48 hours determining new guidelines and rules for the second debate. The organization is working on all possible solutions, but the source said that “we are going to be making changes.”

This disturbing development is an example of how the cancel culture that rules over the big social media platforms where conservatives have been de-platformed, purged, and censored has now spilled over into the entire nation. 

The possibility that the President Of The United States could be censored in a debate so close to an election is unprecedented but it is a precursor to the coming muzzling of Trump by Facebook and Twitter which have both inserted themselves into the election process.

Premature claims of victory will be blocked from Twitter and Google in the run-up to November’s US presidential election, as both companies follow Facebook in trying to fight the prospect of a stolen vote. Under its new rules, Twitter will treat as harmful misinformation any tweet which makes false claims about election rigging, or prematurely claims to announce the election results. The platform does not currently have rules against such tweets because its misinformation policy is designed to combat only those messages with the potential to cause “immediate harm”, but starting on 17 September, Twitter says, certain claims about elections move into that category. “Twitter is where people come to hear directly from elected officials and candidates for office, it’s where they come to find breaking news, and increasingly, it’s an integral source for information on when and how to vote in elections,” the company said in a blogpost. Last week, Facebook led the way with a similar set of rules, announced by its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg. “This election is not going to be business as usual,” he wrote in a post on the site. “If any candidate or campaign tries to declare victory before the results are in, we’ll add a label to their post educating that official results are not yet in and directing people to the official results,” Facebook said. None of the companies explicitly named Donald Trump in their explanation for the new policies, but fears have been growing for some time that the president could seize on delayed results, due in part to the rapid increase in voting by mail, and declare himself victor before the true count is known.

Free speech has been disappearing daily in America with social media companies and the corrupt mainstream media stomping on the Constitution with their jackboots and replacing it with the censorship that is commonplace under totalitarian regimes.

They purged conservatives from their platforms and now they are coming for Trump.

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Martha Black
Martha Black
02 oct 2020

This is a disgusting violation of the 1st amendment....

Me gusta
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