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Dem Lawmaker Abandons Party, Says Dems Care More About Illegals Than Actual Americans

Democratic lawmaker Rep. Vernon Jones finally had enough of his own party, and he just came forward with a message the Democrats really aren't going to like.

Take a look (video may take a second to load):

“As a lifelong Democrat and black man, it pains me to admit this. But I’ve come to a realization: the Democrat Party doesn’t give a damn about us. They’ve become more concerned about putting illegals first and Americans last.”



Mr Vernon Jones, You have finally seen the light. For too long American Citizens have taken a back seat to illegals. USA citizens are subject to laws. And illegals are not. Jobs and housing are going to illegals. We have Americans Citizens living and dying on our streets. This is totally wrong unacceptable We need to protect our USA citizens and secure our boarders. From crime drugs criminals and disease.


Hal Lemoyne
Hal Lemoyne
May 05, 2020

The only Democrat that seemed to ever really care about his

US voters was JFK

and he died over 50 years ago, and never got to finish his US


and over 50 years later, the same hate is trying to destroy

our US President Donald J TRUMP however possible

WELL Not This Time

anything type of murdering threat that touches

our President TRUMP will be met with our unprecedented

pursuit of all human limbs disconnected immediately

upon capture

and that's the TRUTH

and on

Nov 4th, 2020 all news medias will loudly pronounce & proclaim that our

❤👍💥CHRISTrumPence2016-2028 and our/his US TRUMPlicans successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly

will have magnanimously won US Presidential Relection bid

Amen & Amen💥👍❤


Billdorich Gmbooks
Billdorich Gmbooks
May 05, 2020

Biden has a hell-of-a-lot more to worry about than his sticking his fingers up his assistant's crotch...Black voters need to remember Biden during the "busing crisis"...or Old Joe's Criminal-Justice ideas that put tens of thousands of black Americans in Jail...Uncle Joe described African-Americans felons as "Predators, too sociopathic to rehabilitate"... Blacks need to keep that in mind when casting their ballot in 2020. Black Americans need to remember it was the Democrats that wanted to keep them "IN CHAINS" and it was the Republicans who released them from slavery, gave them citizenship and the right to vote in the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments that had ZERO Democratic votes. And, that it was President Johnson who gave them $20 Trilli…


The man is truthful. They do care more about illegals than the American people and they are ruining this country with their stupidity

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