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Even a Large Number of Democrats Believe Biden Stole the Election

A majority of Republicans are pretty convinced that the election was stolen by the Democrats. Statistical improbabilities, sworn affidavits, odd occurrences, and much more plague this election and for those who supported President Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s victory didn’t seem right.

Apparently, there’s a solid chunk of Democrats who believe this too.

According to Rasmussen, 30 percent of Democrats believe that it’s “very likely” that their own party won the election through illegitimate means.

Unsurprisingly, Republicans overwhelmingly believe the election was stolen with 75 percent, and Independent voters believe it was stolen at 39 percent. Overall, nearly half the country believes the election is illegitimate at 47 percent.

Whether they care that it was stolen or not seems to be a different story. Slip-ups here and there happen, including one from New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s daughter who had a Freudian slip and laughed about how Biden was able to “steal” the election.

It’s likely that the number of Democrats who are suspicious that the election was stolen is even higher but will refuse to admit it due to the fact that, for one, this stolen election means their party is now back in the White House and, secondly, that one of the worst enemies the Democrat party has ever faced has been ousted.

Whether you believe the election was stolen or not, one thing that can’t be denied is that this is one of the most confusing and disorganized elections in the history of the United States and that this level of confusion warrants investigations. A free and fair election is a key to having a free country, and if people are capable of stealing the election then this nation isn’t really free.

Even if it doesn’t change the results of the election, finding where foul play was used is important, and if even a large number of Democrats are willing to admit that this election is likely fraudulent, then perhaps these investigations should be taken a little more seriously.

However, don’t expect the media, or Democrat politicians, to take this seriously at all.


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