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Fired-Up Eric Bolling Storms Off Set: ‘Because I’m White You Think I’m Racist? That’s BS!’

By Jonathan Davis

A clearly agitated Eric Bolling railed at a black guest he appeared with on a BBC broadcast Wednesday after she essentially called him a racist just because he’s a white guy.

The segment began with Bolling, a former Fox News host, lamenting that American politics has devolved into hyper-partisanship with few lawmakers and voters willing to compromise on virtually any issue.

Even mask-wearing and a voter reform law in Georgia has become extremely partisan, Bolling noted, the latter of which “had ramifications within Major League Baseball.”

He went on to say, correctly, that leftists “have always used the boycott as a tool, a gun so to speak, pointing it at corporate CEOs heads saying, ‘If you listen to us and do things our way or we’ll boycott your product.’”

Aisha Mills, a progressive LGBTQ activist, responded that Bolling’s views were “rubbish” and that former President Trump is now calling on his “crazy conservative people” to boycott Atlanta-based Coca-Cola after the beverage giant criticized the voter reform law in Georgia.

She said that corporations “should be on the side of democracy in the countries that they operate in” before adding that voting should not be made more difficult, regardless of a political party or “who you are.”

“That is fundamental to what we’re talking about here. So what corporations are doing is they’re saying, ‘Yeah, we don’t want to get into the partisan muck, but at the end of the day, why is voting a partisan issue?’” Mills added.

“Major League Baseball pulled the All Star game from Atlanta. Atlanta is 50 percent African American, and they did it on the heels of what Aisha has been told has been fed from the Biden administration that somehow this voting rule is bad for African Americans in the state of Georgia,” Bolling responded. “They pulled it from the state of Georgia and put it into Denver, Colorado, at 9.7 percent African American.”

“9.7 percent African-American representation in Denver. Here’s what they did to the African-American community,” Bolling continued. “They took $100 million of revenue, they took 8,000 booked hotel rooms, and they moved them out of the state and put them in a state, and a city, with far less diversity than the city of Atlanta.”

He went on to say that if Mills sought to complain about the law, she should “take it up with Stacey Abrams,” as well as both U.S. senators from Georgia, all of whom are Democrats and none of whom wanted MLB to pull the All-Star Game from Atlanta.

Host Emily Maitlis asked if Mils wanted to respond.

“I do because I think it’s really rich for any Republican, especially a white man, to run around and claim they care about the economic condition of black communities and black businesses when that’s all a lie. Okay?” she said.

Bolling became extremely frustrated and clapped back, “That is not fair. That is insulting and not fair to say that. You don’t know me. You don’t know who I am,” as Maitlis cut him off and asked him to allow Mills to finish.

“What I am is a black person in America, and everything these voting laws stand for, and what they look like, are reminiscent to the Jim Crow policies that my family has lived under,” she continued. “And how dare you try to act like you are somehow a proponent of black people in businesses just to make a point and to try to create a wedge. It’s ignorant and it’s just disrespectful.”

Bolling blew up at that accusation.

“That’s disgusting! I’m done! Put me off! That’s disgusting! I’m nowhere near anything you’re painting me to be, and the problem with American politics is exactly that! Because I’m white you think I’m racist! That’s BS! I’m done!” he shouted as he got up and left the camera’s view.

Maitlis asked Bolling if he could stay for just one more question, which he did, adding as he sat back down, “I don’t know why I’m staying here. I don’t know why. I need an apology. I need an apology.”

“I’m not going to apologize for being offended,” Mills responded.

“I’m done!” Bolling declared.

Author: Jonathan Davis

Source: Trending Politics: Fired-Up Eric Bolling Walks Off BBC Set: ‘Because I’m White You Think I’m Racist? That’s BS!’

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