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First Photos of Fetterman in Hospital Revealed, But There's 1 Major Problem

By Peter Partoll | Western Journal

The wife of Sen. John Fetterman (D – Pa.) has taken to Twitter to celebrate the first photos of her husband released since his hospitalization, but there is one major problem.

A few weeks ago, Sen. Fetterman checked himself into the Walter Reed Military Medical Center outside of Washington, D.C., to be treated for symptoms of clinical depression.

In response, his wife, Gisele Fetterman, fled the country with the children and went to Canada, and was subsequently roundly criticized for abandoning her husband in his hour of need.

On Monday, Adam Jentleson, Sen. Fetterman’s chief-of-staff, took to Twitter to post the first photos of the senator since his hospitalization, saying that he met with Fetterman at the medical center.

Gisele Fetterman responded to the tweet, saying, “Society’s expectations and traditional gender roles play a part in why men are less likely to discuss or seek help for their mental health. As always, John continues to challenge the conversation. So human, so kind, so cute.”

There is one major problem for Mrs. Fetterman, the tweet shows that she posted from Braddock, Pennsylvania, hundreds of miles away from where her husband currently is.

As we have covered before, this is a terrible look for her, she should be standing by her husband in Washington, D.C., helping him to get back on his feet and supporting him through this difficult time.

Instead, she ran off to Canada and then back to Pennsylvania, seemingly leaving the chief of staff to carry out the duties that should normally be fulfilled by a loyal spouse.

Also, this tweet almost sounds as if Mrs. Fetterman is celebrating her husband’s mental illness.

The phrase “John continues to challenge the conversation,” seems like she is applauding her husband merely for suffering from a mental illness.

While we can certainly celebrate someone for their courage and perseverance in the face of a devastating mental illness, the fact that someone is suffering from one is not something to celebrate.

Perhaps the reason that she has run away and is not standing by her husband is because she feels a sense of shame for what happened.

Fetterman should have pulled out of the 2022 race after he suffered a crippling stroke, but the Democrats, and even his wife, pushed him to continue the stressful campaign in order to maintain control of the Senate.

It seems, however, as if the demands of the job are becoming too much for an already battered Fetterman, and that his suffering is only going to continue.

It may be that this is in fact just a passing thing and that as Fetterman becomes more used to being a senator, he will be able to get past this rather unfortunate episode.

But until that time, questions will linger about whether pushing Fetterman into the job was the right decision.

Author: Peter Partoll

Source: Western Journal: First Photos of Fetterman in Hospital Revealed, But There's 1 Major Problem

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