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Florida Boaters' Massive Trump 2020 Water Parade Gets Special 'Thank You' from POTUS

Florida is one of the 30+ states which has begun to ease "stay-at-home" restrictions, and citizens are beyond thrilled to be rejoining the world.

What better way to do that than hold a massive boat parade in honor of President Donald Trump.

On Sunday hundreds of boaters in the Sunshine State joined together to proudly show their support for President Trump with a special boat parade.

The parade departed from the Jupiter Inlet and traveled towards Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort.

Take a look:

The parade was dubbed "Trump Bash 2020," and it caught the attention of President Trump himself, who responded with a special thank you for the boaters.

“Thank you very much to our beautiful ‘boaters.’ I will never let you down!” Trump tweeted.

The Democrats may only care about trying to weaken Trump during the coronavirus, but Florida is still Trump country.

God bless these boaters and God bless America!


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