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GREAT NEWS: Beginning Today Corrupt and Decrepit Pelosi Is No Longer Speaker & Liz Cheney Is Out

It’s a great day for the USA.

Today ends the realm of the Nancy Pelosi reign of terror as Speaker of the US House of Representatives. “Crazy Nancy,” affectionately named by President Trump, is out as Speaker of the US House of Representatives today, for the second time in her corrupt career.

America’s founding fathers must have rolled over in their graves watching the actions that Pelosi took as Speaker of the House. As Speaker, spending and corruption were out of control. The border is wide open, crime is destroying Democrat-led cities, inflation is at 40-year highs and the markets had their worst year since 1871.

The only winner during Pelosi’s realm of horror was her husband Paul Pelosi’s investment accounts.

President Trump shared a Truth about Pelosi Sunday:

This is the year that Nancy Pelosi became the first woman to lose the House of Representatives twice in a lifetime, and lose two highly partisan and ill conceived Impeachment Hoax’s to a President who created the best Economy, with no Inflation, Energy Independence, and the safest Southern Border in the history of our Country. Pelosi also failed to follow my recommendation to have 10,000 to 20,000 soldiers available to protect D.C. from the Election Fraud Protest of January 6th.

Pelosi won’t be missed.

Liz Cheney won’t be missed as well.

The corrupt daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney was a terror against freedom her entire career in the US House of Representatives.

Cheney entered the House in 2017 at the same time President Trump won the Presidency. She was promoted by outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan upon his departure from the House in 2019. Her purpose was to obstruct and attack President Trump in Paul Ryan’s absence.

Her career ended when she joined the corrupt Jan 6 committee in the House. This cost Cheney her career as a Representative after losing the 2022 primary in Wyoming by one of the largest, if not the largest, shellacking for an incumbent House member in US history.

At that point, she should have known that the fake and corrupt Jan 6 committee she was essentially running was over. Americans could see through her sham.

Cheney’s time in the US House of Representatives is over.

The House will open up today and Pelosi will no longer be Speaker and Liz Cheney will no longer be there. This is a great day.

Author: Joe Hoft


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