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Here’s the Proof the Squad’s Fake ‘Arrest’ at the SCOTUS Protest Was Staged

The Supreme Court was the scene of a theatrical protest featuring 16 Democrats on Tuesday, including one ‘Sandy Cortez’ and radical Rep. Ilhan Omar. Both Cortez and Omar showed up for cameos at the Democrat-led production, only to be marched away in invisible handcuffs.

The Capitol Police announced 34 arrests, including 16 members of Congress. Tucker Carlson reacted to the news on his show:

“So today, several of the feistier members of Congress that would include Sandy Cortez and Ilhan Omar, both famous on Instagram, decided to block traffic in front of the Supreme Court,” Tucker began. “‘Cause ‘girl power’ means blocking traffic.”

“And that’s when police officers did something they’ve never done before,” he continued. “Those mean cops put both Sandy Cortez and Ilhan Omar in invisible handcuffs and led them away with their hands behind their back. You’re seeing those images on the screen right now.”

“Now, several media outlets picked up these images as proof that Sandy Cortez and Ilhan Omar are deeply oppressed,” Tucker added. “For Sandy Cortez, the trauma was real. Totally. It was her lived experience. She was wearing a coat in 90 degree heat. It’s just the latest harrowing tale of Sandy Cortez’s tenure in Congress. Her life since Boston University. You may recall that nearly a year and a half ago, she almost died.”

The critical thing to note about this farcical display of phony civil disobedience, aided-and-abetted by play-acting Feds, is that it was all staged. How does one know? Because Ilhan Omar’s communications/strategy adviser Jeremy Slevin, also arrested with the Democrats, gave the game away prior to the arrests.

“Members of Congress, including Ilhan Omar will be participating in a civil disobedience at the Supreme Court, potentially including arrests, shortly. 1 PM ET/12 PM CT,” Slevin wrote.

The crucial thing about the “arrests” is that there are no mugshots. No actual handcuffs were used. The Capitol Police thus appear to be complicit in aiding in a Democrat propaganda campaign. These are the same Capitol Police who played a central role in the January 6 security debacle, particularly with its willingness to open doors to protesters and merely observe while the Capitol building was overrun.

The radical Democrats are now so brazen that they not only stage arrests for optics reasons, they brag about it openly before they do it. It’s next-level propaganda to tell the audience ahead of time that it is all just one great big show.

Author: Kyle Becker

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Linda Melarvie
Linda Melarvie
Jul 20, 2022

AOC Is a Drama seeking insecure needs attention, Lies, Is Spending your tax dollars on these leftist BS movements. IS READY FOR HER INVOICE. WHAT A BLATANT WASTE OF POLICE TAX DOLLARS. WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT PAYING ANYONE INVOLVED IN THIS CRAP SHOOT. AOC HAS BROKEN HER OATH TO WE THE PEOPLE, GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE FORFEITURE OF OFFICE. She is not following the Constitution FYI: ALL ELECTED PERSONS HAVE 26 Ethics they Must follow daily 24/7 while in office. Executive Ethics for your state. FYI # 2. Hey Biden? MO NEW LAWS MAY BE ENACTED DURING AN EMERGENCY YOU MUST WORK WITH LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS! I Have a Copy of the Law easy to find. Where d…

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