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Hillary Caught on Camera Glumly Gulping Down Wine As Husband Bill Flirts With Rockstar’s Wife

Hilarious photos are now circulating around online showing failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton looking down as she chugging down her favorite wine as her husband Bill Clinton flirted around.

The pair was attending a dinner at a New York City restaurant but arrived at separate times. Hillary Clinton reportedly arrived to the restaurant first.

Apparently, things got out of hand rather quickly.

The Daily Mail reported:

“Exclusive photos show the presidential pair arriving separately with a Secret Service detail to posh uptown restaurant Fleming by Le Bilboquet.

But Hillary, sipping her favorite white wine, looked glum as her ever-engaging husband was deep in conversation with Sting’s wife Trudie Styler, who at one point rested her head on Bill’s shoulder for a group selfie.

Bill was dressed in a blue suit with a checkered button-down shirt – no tie – while Hillary wore a three-quarter-length striped wool coat as she drank her wine.

Hillary arrived first to the restaurant at 6.30pm, in a vehicle separate to Bill’s.

Bill arrived just a few minutes later and snapped a few selfies with people before heading to the table where Hillary was already seated with a brunette woman and a young man with glasses.

Not too soon after, Trudie arrived. At the same time an older man and a younger blonde woman who were sitting a few tables over walked over to say hello.

At some point the group of five had the waiter take a group-selfie, and according to a bystander, Hillary did not want to get in the photo.

Check out some photos below:

Hillary Clinton tried deflecting the embarrassing moment by promoting the COVID vaccine on Twitter.

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Author: Collin Rugg


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