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Horrifying: Biden Hires Drag Queen Who Talks About Sex w/ Animals for Key Nuclear Position

Biden has made some extremely questionable decisions since taking office, and his latest move is no exception.

Americans everywhere will be horrified to learn that Biden has now hired a drag queen for a key nuclear position within his administration.

Sam Brinton, who has talked openly about "sex with animals" and calls Fauci "Daddy Fauci", will be Biden's “Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy for the Department of Energy.”

Instead of talking about his qualifications for the job, Brinton—who lists his pronouns as "they"/"them"—is bragging online about being the “first gender fluid person in federal government leadership.”

Photos have recently surfaced online of Brinton displaying his fondness for a sexual role-playing game known as "pup play."

Ladies and gentlemen, this is who is helping Biden run our country right now.

We are facing the highest level of inflation since 1982, our border is weakening as each day goes by, crime is soaring, and the Biden admin is hiring people on the basis of toxic identity politics.

Lord help us all.


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