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James Woods Breaks the Internet with Humiliating Footage of Pelosi

Conservative actor James Woods has done it again.

In a tweet on Thursday, Woods posted a troubling video of Pelosi along with some pretty strong words for her.

The video quickly went viral, as did his comment of calling Pelosi a 'booze-and-Botox besotted old bag.'

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The outspoken conservative actor makes an excellent point: It's beyond 'ridiculous' that all these 'clowns who contend they can do better than President Trump… can barely manage to put a coherent sentence together.'

Both house speaker Pelosi and Democratic front-runner Biden constantly slur their words, screw up sentences, and stumble through their speeches.

Yet when anybody on the right calls them out for it, they are accused of pushing "fake news", despite the fact that it's all real.

That's exactly what happened when Trump shared a video of Pelosi stammering through a press conference last year.

The president is sharing "fake news" the left screamed.

Of course the video was very real, but that didn't stop the Democrats from saying otherwise.

Tell us... do you agree with James Woods that it is ridiculous for Pelosi and her pals to be criticizing Trump's response to COVID-19? Drop us a comment below.


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