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Jill Biden Blasted After She Unveils New WH Christmas Decorations: 'Melania Did it So Much Better'

The internet erupted after Jill Biden's new Christmas decorations were unveiled at the White House.

Critics blasted the decorations as "ugly," claiming the First Lady showcased "absolutely no taste at all."

“Screams… tacky darling,” one user commented. “Melania did it so much better,” another stated.

Biden titled this year's theme as "Gifts from the Heart."

My only question is, can I please return said gift?

Here's a sample of some of the backlash Jill Biden's decorations received online:

In what should come as no surprise to anybody, the leftist media fawned over Jill's decorations, praising it as a "normal Christmas."

But the media's praise was quickly drowned out by all the negative criticism from actual Americans.

“I say that this ‘normal’ is boring and bland, making mall decorations look exciting,” the Western Journal’s Lily Cooper stated.

More via Western Journal:

It makes me miss the style and class of the previous First Lady Melania Trump, who brought her own New York flair and took risks when decorating. She made the White House her canvas and creatively and modernly made it into a piece of Christmas art. In 2017, she infamously decorated the halls with bare white trees, creating a winter wonderland effect. The Christmas trees dazzled in snow and glittering lights, and some were covered in pine cones and ribbon. Her theme tied together with each room, while also allowing each space to stand out on its own. Trump’s knowledge of style helped her succeed when it came to planning these rooms. She came under fire in 2018 for having red Christmas trees in the hall. While the red trees were certainly a huge surprise to many, it made sense considering Trump is high-fashion. It fit with how she dressed and bent between classic first lady styles and her New York boldness. What made the trees work was that she tied the red color throughout the rest of the decorations. There was a theme. While I agree that the current first lady and I have different tastes, this just has the feeling of someone who allowed their young children to help decorate the house for Christmas — not that there’s anything wrong with family decorations. It’s cute and obviously festive, but it is disorganized and disjointed, with an overall lack of theme and cohesiveness. The colors blend in, are awkward and don’t work. A pretty good representation of the administration overall. For the White House, you expect more. You want more. It is where the president and his family live; thus, it should be grand and fun, filled with new ideas and brilliant execution that make you want to decorate your home in a similar fashion.


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