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Joe Biden Enters 'Yikes' Territory as Democrat 2022 Hopes Fade

It hasn’t been a good week for the Joe Biden administration. Inflation hit a record high, with PCI rising to 7.8% year over year. Meanwhile, Afghanistan is collapsing, with the Taliban capturing American hardware, including state-of-the-art drones. Regarding the border, the crisis worsens and a new video leak showed us just how bad things have gotten.

And then there’s COVID-19. The Delta wave is surging in places that Democrats insisted wouldn’t see surges as they were content to blame Florida for all the world’s ills.

So how’s that affecting public opinion? Well, the newest Yahoo poll is not good news for Joe Biden or Democrat 2022 hopes.

48% approval in a poll that has a Democrat +11 sample is about as big of a yikes moment as we’ve seen so far. Yahoo’s polls are also typically fairly kind to Biden. To see him below 50% here is a surprise. More surprising is that he doesn’t top 50% on any issue except COVID, and that’s by only a single percentage point.

These are awful numbers that only look to drop further. Our inflationary woes are not going away anytime soon. The situation in Afganistan is likely to deteriorate further, and that’s become a major embarrassment for the “adults in the room” that have so thoroughly screwed things up. Past that, it feels like the border is beyond repair. Even if Biden reversed course completely today, it’d take years to clean up the mess he’s made. None of this seems to be lost on most Americans, and the only thing making Biden look halfway alive political are Democrat sampling edges (like the D+11 here). When polls start to adjust for likely voters, things are going to get really ugly.

Issue by issue, Biden is also underwater on crime, guns, and race, with the latter showing that you can truly never be woke enough. Because the local officials in many of these high-crime cities are so far-left, specifically regarding elected prosecutors, Biden and national Democrats are never going to get the buy-in to rein in the carnage.

In short, every disaster that currently plagues Biden and his cohorts is not easily rectified. I’m open to someone proposing a scenario describing how this all works out and doesn’t lead to big Democrat losses in 2022. Really, what is the big turnaround moment that is possible here? I just don’t see it.

Forgetting the historical trends which favor the GOP anyway, the fundamentals are just terrible for Biden’s party and look to stay that way. And if Democrats are banking on January 6th recriminations to carry them forward, well, good luck with that.

Author: Bonchie


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