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Joe Biden Just Turned Down the One Thing That Could Help Stop School Shootings

By Bonchie | RedState

The school shooting in Uvalde, TX, continues to stoke debate in Washington, as both sides attempt to come to some sort of compromise on measures to help prevent future tragedies.

Unfortunately, the White House decided on Tuesday to shoot down the one, single most effective way to stop mass shootings at educational institutions. According to Press Sec. Karine Jean-Pierre, Joe Biden does not “believe” in “hardening” schools, which represents the most common-sense, directly impactful measure that could be taken.

Since the moment the Uvalde shooting occurred, the left has widely mocked the idea that locking doors and having SROs on campuses is necessary to prevent active shooter situations. That flies in the face of all logic and reason, given the shooter walked around the school for 12 minutes before finally finding an unlocked back door to enter. At no point was he confronted either.

Had the school been hardened, which sounds scary but simply means to have a single, magnetically locked entrance with all other doors locked or set up as fire exits, the horrific murders that occurred would have almost certainly been avoided.

Yet, Biden does not even want to entertain doing the one thing that could have saved lives that day, instead opting to push for policies that would have had no direct impact. Ask yourself why?

For my part, I’m done giving the benefit of the doubt on this subject. We’ve got probable solutions to school shootings punching us in the face, and they are attainable and largely affordable in the grand scheme of things. Yet, Democrats like Biden are rambling about background checks–even though the shooter passed a background check–while fantasizing about banning 9mm ammunition.

Such malfeasance in policy can only be translated as malicious and dangerous at this point. No, I’m not suggesting Biden wants to see kids killed. I’m not a Democrat, so I don’t accuse my political opponents of such. What I am suggesting is that he and the rest of his party see gun control as a preeminent policy goal, to the point where they are refusing to do what works in favor of getting what they want, even if it doesn’t actually help the situation.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Republicans are actually negotiating around increased security for schools in the Senate right now. Why is the White House rushing to blow up the one area of effective compromise that could be reasonably reached? Again, I think it’s all about politics, and it’s grotesque to witness a man like Biden, so focused on his political wants, refusing to consider measures that could actually save lives.

Author: Bonchie

Source: RedState: Joe Biden Just Turned Down the One Thing That Could Help Stop School Shootings

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