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Joy Behar Has a Meltdown Over American's Love For Trump During Interview With Michael Cohen

On Monday, co-host of "The View" Joy Behar had a meltdown while interviewing former lawyer for Donald Trump Michael Cohen.

Behar couldn't get over the fact that Americans love President Trump and asked Cohen what needs to be done so people stop loving him.

“You know, Michael, I want to ask you something,” Behar started, “You snapped out of your love for Donald when they — basically when you got caught, right?”

“No, that’s not true,” Cohen said.

“Well, you started to see the light at a certain point because basically you were in trouble,” Behar tried again. “Am I right or wrong? Quick answer.”

“That’s true, yes,” Cohen said.

“All right. Here’s my question because I think it’s important. I want to know from you. Here you have a lot of people in this country who seem to be in love with him the way you were, okay? And I use the term loosely, and yet you snapped out of it,” Behar added. “You see what’s going on. He basically leads the country against their interests. He lies to them constantly. They’re dying by enormous numbers and they don’t seem to be able to snap out of it. Do you have any suggestions of what we can do to get these people to see the light the way you did?”

Cohen went on to explain that his goal in writing his book, "Disloyal," was to help people understand who Trump is.

“I have peeled back the onion so that people can understand and know who the man really is,” Cohen said.

Behar jumped into say that Cohen was paid while he was supporting Donald Trump. “Hold on a second. You got something out of it. You made a lot of money,” she said. “These people are getting nothing out of it. Why do they follow him? This is what drives me nuts every day.”

Cohen said that he had lots of money before he worked for Trump.

“Your characterization of me is inaccurate. What I do talk about in the book is the fact that, yes, it was the power. It was the celebrity power that then became the political power that really intrigued me the most, but this was not a money grab, and I actually take offense to that,” Cohen said.


Behar has had multiple meltdowns in recent weeks. Last week, Behar promoted a conspiracy theory and suggested that Democrats should tamper the election by abolishing the electoral college.

Check out what Townhall reports relating to the electoral college:

I’ll confess that maybe I thought we could at least have a discussion about tweaking the Electoral College. I still think we can, except no liberals can be involved this time. There was an initiative regarding the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact that was gaining some steam, but I think given how unhinged the Left has become in their policy thinking, engagement, and overall demeanor—we should be thanking the Founders for creating such a system. And we should certainly keep it for now. The nonstop rioting, the quasi-Marxist policy action items, and the unhinged and violent rhetoric from these Trotskyite clowns have convinced me, at least for now, the way we elect our presidents is just fine. Any talk about changing it should be strictly cofined to the bar over bourbon among colleagues.

“I’m worried that Trump could pull this off. We see the polls and we see Biden is leading … but the Russian interference is alive and kicking. Facebook is continuing to leave all the lies on the pages. The Postal Service is being interfered with,” Behar whined during the segment.

“The Electoral College is an issue and a problem. In the history of the United States, there were four presidents who won without the popular vote because of the Electoral College,” Behar added.


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Author: CollinRugg

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