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Judge Jeanine Goes Off On Hillary, Calls Her 'Enabler for Sexual Predators'

Hillary Clinton endorsed Joe Biden for president despite him being engulfed in credible allegations that he sexually assaulted a former staffer years ago.

In fact, Hillary has not even murmured a single word about the disturbing accusations against Biden.

Judge Jeanine isn't having it. She went on Tucker Carlson's show and let loose on Hillary for being an "enabler for sexual predators," among other things.

Take a look:

"Hillary Clinton endorsing Joe Biden when he's being accused of ... not sexual harassment but sexual assault, is like the kiss of death," Pirro said. "The woman is literally a standard-bearer, the magnet, the enabler, for sexual predators."

Pirro also nailed Hillary for covering for Bill when he was "credibly accused of raping Juanita Broaddrick, who had a busted lip, disheveled clothes and made an immediate outcry."

She went on to call out Hillary for "laughing about rapists who raped a 12-year-old into a coma, or her emails that were found on former NY Rep. Anthony Weiner's laptop -- or Jeffrey Epstein or hanging out with [Harvey] Weinstein when everyone in Hollywood knew what was going on."

"This woman is a woman who does not stand for women," Pirro concluded. "For her right now to endorse Joe Biden is really to ignore what all of the '#MeToo' movement has been talking about when they yelled at us during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. 'All women need to be believed' -- except if they're Republican [or] if they're accusing a Democrat."

Finally, Pirro offered up her perspective as a former prosecutor and judge on the accusations Biden is facing.

"[A recent 'outcry' is] admissible evidence and the jury is allowed to find the victim more credible if she made an outcry," she said.

"Tara Reade also made an outcry to her mother, her brother, her friend and, we found out yesterday, her neighbor who supports Joe Biden, but who says Tara Reade doesn't lie."

Pirro noted how the claims against Biden are already more corroborated than the claims against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation.

"This is just politics -- pure unadulterated politics," she ended with. "It's about power -- supporting people who you want to be empowered. It has nothing to do with women and protecting women in the system."

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