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Judge Jeanine Issues Dire Election Warning Every American Should Hear

It’s been said many times before, but this time it feels 110 percent correct: The November elections are crucial for the future of our country.

How we vote as a nation – who we elect to represent us, all up and down the ballot – will be the most important choices most of will make or have made in our lifetimes.

It truly is a choice between stability and anarchy; liberty and tyranny; being able to enjoy the freedom to pursue your own goals and objectives while living your life to the fullest extent versus a socialist/Marxist nightmare.

So says Judge Janine Pirro during her Saturday evening program on Fox News. If Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats take full control over our government, then expect more lockdowns, more coronavirus fear porn, and the suspension of our liberties in ways you cannot fathom at this point.

That’s how important it is to reelected Donald Trump and more Republicans.

Watch below:

You’re being conned. The biggest fallacy in America today just might surprise you. The truth is the divide in this country is not about right versus wrong or law and order versus chaos. Quite simply, fundamentally, it’s about the left versus the right. ... So here we are, 81 days since the death of George Floyd, still reeling from the violence and ironically, 81 percent of African-Americans want police restored to their communities, even increased. They are petrified because they know what they face without law and order. Yet, the left remains virtually silent apparently satisfied with the status quo. So, if 81 percent of African-Americans don’t want police defunded and 74 percent of Republicans want this violence ended, who is in favor of it? ...
What politicians on the left have decried what is happening as America’s babies are being massacred?...  Where is the outrage on the left? Where is Bunker Biden? Where is Nancy Pelosi? Where is his new sidekick, Kamala Harris? Folks, it’s the left that’s resisted efforts to quell the chaos and return our cities to places of economic and residential prosperity. It is the left that is refusing to call in the Feds to stop the chaos. It is the left that has been telling you that you have to stay home and that you can’t go to work, fining business owners or removing their licenses. Remember, it is the left that defunded the police. It is the left that said let them blow off steam as they pillaged and plundered businesses and neighborhoods. It is the left that watched as both black and white lives were lost or ruined. ... So, if you like the left and their behavior, you’ll love Kamala Harris, the most liberal progressive in the United States Senate with a record left of even Bernie Sanders. She supports repealing criminal penalties for immigration crossings. She slashed military funding. She too is coming for your guns and laughs at the idea that the Constitution prevents her from doing so. ... This is nonsense. Americans are afraid. Not only are gun sales through the roof, sales of body armor are up 80 percent due to the unrest. People are afraid. You too need to be afraid. Afraid for yourself, your family and your country, especially those who want to confiscate your gun. You have 79 days to decide. What do you want? Do you want the freedom to do what you want? To go to church? The freedom to walk on the street without worrying about being accosted or worse? The freedom to go to a gym? A restaurant? A bar? Well, then the decision is an easy one. If you like America today, Bunker Biden and Kamala are just the couple for you. They remain silent and allow, indeed, support the anarchy destroying our country and our history. President Donald Trump who believes in the freedoms that started this country that have brought us to the height of prosperity is one who will speak for us, a man willing to fight to make this nation the image of the one our founding fathers intended. You have a decision to make.


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