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Kamala Gaslights America, Lashes Out at Trump for Kids in Cages — Something Her Admin Has Quadrupled

By Jim Hoft

Vice President and “border czar” finally traveled to the US border today to address the historic Biden border crisis.

Border apprehensions are up eight-fold year-over-year under Biden.

On Friday Kamala had the gall to blame Trump for the child separation policy — and conveniently forgot to mention Obama built the cages used to hold kids illegally crossing into the US.

Kamala Harris: It is here in El Paso that the prior administration’s child separation policy was unveiled. And so we’ve seen the disastrous effects of that right here in this region.

What a disgrace.

Joe Biden and Kamala are detaining 18,000 children. Trump detained 2,600 at his peak.

That’s a seven-fold increase under the Biden-Harris regime.

Of course, NOT A SINGLE liberal reporter refuted Kamala’s monstrous lie. And they wonder why no one trusts them anymore?

Author: Jim Hoft

Source: Gateway Pundit: Kamala Gaslights America – Blames Trump for Biden Border Crisis, Lashes Out at Trump for Kids in Cages — Something They’ve Quadrupled!

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