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Kamala Harris Blanks out on the World Stage

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the White House made the decision to send Kamala Harris over to Europe to handle the situation. I mean, it’s not like Joe Biden should be expected to do his job as president, and apparently, the administration was well pleased with Harris’ last disastrous trip overseas, which culminated in Putin crossing into Ukraine a day after she proclaimed how effective US sanction threats were.

This time, Harris has been sent to Poland and Romania to do something or another (really, I have no idea what is actually being accomplished by this trip), and as RedState reported, things haven’t gone well so far. That continued today when the vice president completely blanked out and talked herself in circles regarding a very basic question while standing across from the Romanian president.

Now, to be fair to the vice president, the RNC’s clip is edited in a way that cuts off the reporter’s first question, which was specifically addressed to President Iohannis. Naturally, the reporter was expecting Harris to answer the question that was addressed to her, which was about inflation and gas prices.

Yet, instead of just answering it, Harris appeared to blank out for a moment until Iohannis motioned for her to speak. She then proceeded to ramble for several minutes in a painfully paced way about the Black Sea and discussions with Romania, topics which had nothing to do with the question that had been directed to her.

Eventually, she then moved into another “dog ate my homework” moment, an all too common occurrence for Harris, where she tried to sound really profound while stating that “there is a price to pay for democracy.” I guess she thought that was a good substitute for actually addressing the issue of Americans suffering under massive inflation?

Here’s what that looked like, with Townhall’s video picking up where the RNC’s left off.

When Harris speaks publicly, she always comes across as incredibly unprepared, and this was a continuation of that. At several points, it sounded as if she was purposely talking herself in circles just to fill time. Her musings about the Black Sea, which she wasn’t asked about, then gave way to a rant about being loyal to friends and paying the price for shared values. Not once did she provide anything substantive on the topic of inflation, which again, was the question she was asked.

Her comments actually came across as if she was trying to guilt Americans into accepting the failures of the administration lest they be labeled as disloyal to “democracy.” I’m not sure if that’s how she meant it or if she’s just so bad at this that she didn’t realize how condescending she sounded, but it wasn’t a good look. Americans want real answers, not more high-minded lectures from unimpressive politicians. Harris, though, just keeps banging out more cowbell.

Whenever I watch Harris speak publicly, I’m left asking what exactly that PR firm she hired is being paid to do. Are they doing any prep with her before big events like this? Where are her advisors to make sure she has a good answer to obvious questions like those involving inflation? Or is she really just this bad at answering questions that slightly stray from her prepared answers? Whatever the reason, it’s embarrassing that she’s being sent to handle America’s foreign policy, especially in the current climate where mistakes have major consequences.

Would Joe Biden be doing any better? Likely not, but is it too much to ask for the president to actually be the president? Biden has skipped the last two major foreign policy trips to Europe. Is the issue of Russian aggression just not that big of a deal to the administration? One might even speculate he isn’t physically capable of doing his job, but I digress. Sending Harris to be the voice of America in the face of a Russian invasion of Europe is nuts. I know Democrats want to be able to claim she has real-world foreign policy experience in 2024, but this isn’t the time for on-the-job training. The stakes are too high.

Author: Bonchie


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