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Liberals Horrified After True Identity of White Woman in Viral Central Park Video Is Revealed

On Monday morning, a white woman named Amy Cooper was walking her dog unleashed through Central Park in New York City.

A black man, Christian Cooper, was out bird-watching and asked Amy to leash her dog. Amy was in a protected area in Central Park that requires dogs to be leashed at all times.

Amy flipped out, and responded by saying she was going to call the police on Cooper, claiming that an African-American man was "threatening her life."

The video of the incident immediately went viral, and liberals everywhere began claiming that Amy Cooper was a Trump supporter and member of the "MAGA" movement.

However, new details have now come out that have liberals horrified.

As it turns out, Amy is actually a liberal Democrat who previously donated to the likes of Barack Obama, Pete Buttigieg and John Kerry.

Amy's identity as a liberal was uncovered after her campaign contributions were dug up.

The entire allegation that Amy was a Trump supporter to begin with was strange, especially considering it was Biden who just days earlier made his racist "you ain't black" comments.

It's even stranger when you factor in all the evidence that it's liberal Democrats—not Republicans—who actually view minorities as being somehow inferior.

This was proven by a peer-reviewed study published two years ago in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The study found that Democrats actually dumbed down their words when speaking with minorities, whereas Republicans spoke to them the same as usual.

But don't expect to hear this revelation about Amy's liberal identity from the mainstream media. We all know they won't report anything that goes against the "racist Trump supporter" narrative.


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