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Liberals Rage After Noticing What Was on Water Bottles Trump Provided the People of East Palestine

Remember the old adage, “No good deed goes unpunished?”

Seldom has that been truer than for former President Donald Trump, who came under familiar attack from the far left after he… provided clean water to the people afflicted by the East Palestine, Ohio, debacle?

Trump, as he often does despite the media’s insistence to the contrary, went about performing quite the random act of kindness when he visited East Palestine on Wednesday and helped share some crucial goods, including bottled water and cleaning supplies.

Given the ongoing travesty that East Palestine residents are grappling with, having some extra Lysol wipes and bottled water sounds like a positively good thing to do.

And yet, that hasn’t stopped some truly unhinged leftists from deriding Trump.

Anti-Trump lawyer (his Twitter bio literally touts that he helped prosecute Trump University) Tristan Snell appeared to be one of the first to criticize Trump’s generosity after noticing the labeling on the bottles:

“So Donald Trump shreds the rail safety rules that would have prevented the East Palestine disaster, then he goes to East Palestine and brings them Trump Water that might actually be at least 13 years old (the business went under in 2010)? Got it,” Snell wrote on Twitter.

Podcaster and comedian Paula Poundstone went about proliferating undue fear by citing the (technically correct) assertion that bottled water should only have a 2-year shelf life because while water itself doesn’t expire, the chemicals in the plastic bottle can begin seeping into the water.

Another Twitter user put out an all-capitalized warning of “DO NOT DRINK.”

Ironically, that last tweet included a link to Newsweek, the very same publication that had to put out a fact-check on these dubious claims on Thursday.

In short: No, Trump did not hand out ancient bottles of water to the residents of East Palestine.

The primary concern of worrywarts like Snell and Poundstone is that “Trump Water” was discontinued in 2010, meaning that, at best, those bottles of water were a dozen years old.

Well, turns out that Snell and Poundstone appeared to be conflating the water that Trump brought to Ohio for “Trump Ice,” a specific brand of Trump-endorsed bottled water that did discontinue in 2010 (it was quasi-revived as “Trump Natural Spring Water” in 2015, according to Newsweek.)

Indeed, looking at some social media videos circulating online, the water given to East Palestine was not “Trump Ice.”

Here is a video of people unloading just some of the goods that Trump provided. Notice the blue, white and green labels on all the bottled water?

That’s a far cry from “Trump Ice,” the ostensibly 13-year-old water, which brandishes a red aesthetic and label:

While the above tweet doesn’t cite how they know the bottled water is from Kirkland/Costco (it certainly looks the part), it still makes it painfully obvious that Trump is not dumping decade-old, unused bottles of water on the already-languishing residents of East Palestine.

This is all to say: Leftists have too much time on their hands, combing through every random act of kindness from Trump like it’s the Zapruder cut to see if they can “get him.”

That’s certainly par for the course with the left. It’s almost a hobby for far leftists to find the absolute worst in anything good, based on a random detail they think they know more about than they actually do.

Wait until they see what’s on the hats he gave to East Palestine.

Author: Bryan Chai


Mark Creed
Mark Creed
Feb 25, 2023

Atta boy President Trump. You da man!!!


Mark Creed
Mark Creed
Feb 25, 2023

I am surprised that more people don't realize that the water is stored in warehouses purposely in hopes that all the plastic chemicals will leach into the water before us lowly useless eaters drink it.

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