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Look at the Alarming Change White House Made to Official Website

I’m starting to think that the Biden administration basically wants us to think that President Joe Biden is not actually in charge.

The way that those surrounding Biden are behaving seems better suited to incite accusations of a lack of transparency than convincing the American public that all is well, good and 100 percent fine and normal.

I mean, think about it.

They’ve cut Biden off before he got a chance to be asked questions from Democratic congressmen on a livestream. They kept him from a solo media conference for over two months. They regularly shield him from reporters and shoo the press corps away from the president.

His press secretary is better known for evading questions than she is answering them. His policies are failing miserably at the border to a degree impossible to ignore by the most sycophantically left-leaning legacy media outlets. His speech is regularly slurred and garbled.

This is the best the establishment elite can do to prop up their man in the White House?

Call me a conspiracy theorist, I’m seriously starting to doubt that all of this is supposed to look good — because the Biden administration seems effective at making things look really, really bad.

Now, the White House has now made a stunning and unprecedented change to its official website that only serves to underscore loud proclamations from critics that Vice-President Kamala Harris is being groomed for running the whole operation herself — or is already doing so.

President Joe Biden himself has contributed to such rumors by referring to a “Harris-Biden” administration on more than one occasion.

While the White House website typically refers to the current administration by the president’s name only, it has now been changed to reflect our new prominent backseat driver, Harris, on the site’s “administration” page.

The White House’s official Twitter page has also been changed to reflect the clear impression of dual leadership the Biden-Harris media team seems intent on giving, and welcomes users to “the Biden-Harris White House.”

Fox News noted that neither the Trump White House nor the Obama White House included the then-vice presidents’ names in this manner on either the website or social media accounts.

In September, Harris herself referred to a future “Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States” at a virtual roundtable.

And, well, appears that this is pretty much what the administration has panned out to be, a Harris administration with Biden as the masthead president.

Harris has been meeting and speaking with foreign leaders on Biden’s behalf. While Harris has a fraction of the experience as that of career politician Biden, he’s nonetheless slated her to tackle the border crisis, easily the biggest and messiest scandal of the Biden-Harris administration.

Just last week, a leaked email allegedly sent by the Biden communications team urged federal officials to “be sure to reference the current administration as the ‘Biden-Harris Administration’ in official public communications.”

There is every indication that the Biden White House is not only unconcerned by allegations that they’re trying to use Harris to run the show, but that they’re actually working to make sure it appears this way.

And so we are left with the glaring question: why, exactly, does the administration want us to think that Harris is in charge?

Author: Isa Cox

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Our country " America" will not and cannot continue on with these people in office, we must as Patriot's stand our ground and send these Traitor's of our " Constitution" back home and some to jail for " Conspiracy to commit Treason and Sedition " against the American Citizens and GOD. Thank you President TRUMP , please run again we need you !!! D. McDonald

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